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FAQ Who wears this stuff?

FAQ Who wears this stuff?

The short answer is you.

Or at least you could be.  We have so many awesome separate pieces that are easily incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.

Gents, why not wear a VM pocket vest with your suit to the office?

Ladies, perhaps you could mix things up with a long kilt pin skirt and blouse?

If going over the top and standing out in a crowd is your goal, we can help with that too.  Try a corset, crinoline, goggles and stompy boots for maximum impact.

But to get back to the original question, we have a wide and wild client base.

In a single afternoon we could be putting together a steampunk Harley Quinn cosplay,  an alternative grad outfit, a medieval bridal look, something to wear to a fetish night and Burning Man costumes.

We also do a lot of business with the film industry in Vancouver.  Venus & Mars gear has been used in Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Underworld to name a few.  Try not the fangasm too much, nerds.

Oh and of course we are solidly busy for the month of HALLOWEEN.

We have a pile of photos of people in the Venus & Mars outfits but we don’t know who they are.  So starting this week, we premiere Mystery Monday.  We will be picking a picture and posting it.  If you who know who it is, let us know.

AND starting next week,  Who Wears This Stuff Wednesday.  We’ll feature a picture and/or a note from the owners of  VM gear.

Are you someone who wears this stuff?  Let us know in the comments below or better yet, send us a picture and you could be featured!

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