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Feature Product: Steampunk Vests

Ladies Steampunk Tails Pocket Vest

Is there anything better than a vest? I’m serious.  I mean chocolate is great and I love movies as much as the next person but when it comes to clothing the vest has a special place in my heart. Maybe its my bias toward steampunk, maybe it’s my love of gentlemen. But either way it is the easiest way to take any outfit from slob to boss.  Well maybe not any outfit.  You’ll still look like a slob if you throw a vest over a Cheetos stained t-shirt and sweatpants but basically any other outfit is improved significantly when you add a vest.

A vest is like the best friend or neighbor in a romantic comedy.  For most of the plot they are overlooked while the main character chases after someone fancy like a sequined tube top or a light blue leisure suit.  When they finally get the person they thought they wanted, they realize that the neighbor or best friend was actually the best fit all along.  That’s how I feel about vests.  They are often overlooked but vest is still there for you in your time of need and a vest will bring out the best in you.

Let’s say, for example, that you wanted to cosplay as your own steampunk version of the Doctor.  You start with a pair of awesome, handmade black stretch bondage pants.  You add a white poet shirt and a military frock coat.  You look most excellent but you feel more like Casanova than a Time-lord. Then you add a vest and you are instantly more lordly and time and spacey than you were merely moments ago.

steampunk doctor

Ladies, don’t worry, we have vests for you too. Do you want to stand out at a festival or Burning Man?  Try a tails vest and a short circle square skirt.  Add a pocket belt to hold your ID and cash and maybe some cat ears and a tail just because.

Have you added a vest to your cart yet?  Are you planning a trip to Gastown to come try one on? What are you waiting for?

Let us know what you will be using your new vest for in the comments below.

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