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Fresh New Handmade: Tails Pocket Belt

I love to be fancy.  Bring on the gowns, tuxedos and cloaks.  There isn’t a pair of long gloves and tiara in the world that I would turn down. Do you know what I hate?  Having nowhere to put my things.  My phone is basically another limb, I need my lipstick with me at all times and I don’t really frequent too many places where I won’t need ID or money. Do you know what doesn’t have a place for things?  Fancy clothing.

tails pocket belt outfitLuckily, Venus & Mars has developed a pocket belt (with pockets to hold things) that looks like tails.  I don’t mean furry woodland creature tails, I mean fancy tuxedo tails.  Finally I can go to the Oscars looking like a smouldering gentleman in a corset, princess skirt, sleeves and tails pocket belt and still have somewhere to put my snacks. In case you were wondering, I am nominated for best supporting Lady Adventurer for Hire in the Alternative Goth Boutique category.

The Tails Pocket Belts are reversible so you always have options.  One side is black for black tie events and the other side is multi coloured for fun events.  There is a large zipper pocket which is ideal for your phone, ID and cash and there are easily accessible side pockets for emergency lip gloss and trail mix.  You never know when low blood sugar may strike. The Tails Pocket Belt is not just for fancy events, it is also perfect for standing out at music festivals and Burning Man.  What’s not to love?

What’s your favourite way to carry stuff when you’re dressed up?  Let us know in the comments below?

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Devon Dale

Devon Dale

Lady Adventurer for Hire at Venus&Mars
Devon Dale is a twenty something Vancouverite.When she isn’t being a lady adventurer for hire she is at Venus & Mars selling you corsets, kilts and other steampunkery. She enjoys hula hooping, reading and yoga.When you see her in the store, mention the Doctor and she will squeal like a delighted child.
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