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Three Things you NEED at a festival

There are so many festival trends going around right now.  It’s hard to keep track.  Glow in the dark unicorn hair, glitter roots, glitter butts, flower crowns, body suits and body paint are just a few festival trends that are circulating the interwebz right now. It’s totally natural to want to jump in and try some of these crazy ideas, but there are a few necessary items that you should think of getting first.

Protect your head/ skin

Most festivals are outdoors in the summer.  The warm glow of the sun is part of the experience and it feels great. It feels so great that you may not even realize that you are getting a wicked sunburn, dehydrated or experience sun stroke or heat stroke.  Wear sunscreen. Your future self will thank you.  You should also seriously think about wearing a hat.  Your scalp can get sunburned even if you have long hair. We have really awesome festival hoods that are reversible and that when worn down can offer protection to your shoulders. They are large enough to allow for airflow to keep you cool and they cover that nasty spot on the back of your neck that always seems to burn.

Figure out away to have your valuables on you without carrying a bag.

I hate to say it but people steal things.  If you have all your cash in backpack, totes or purse it could be easily stolen at some point. Invest in a pocket belt or hip bag so that your valuables can be on you at all times. You can also carry a backpack with sunscreen, food and water but having your phone, money and keys on you means that you’ll be able to get home, call for help or buy snacks if your bag goes missing.


Think about when day turns to night

When the sun goes down, it’s going to get cold. Your barely there absolutely awesome outfit is not going to keep you warm when the temperature drops.  Even if you’re planning on dancing the night away there will be a point when you are not moving and it’s good to have a backup plan. We suggest a cloak.  First they look really cool.  Second they will provide you with the warmth you’ll need at night and third it’s a blanket you can wear if you need to take a little nap.



There you have it. Did I miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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