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Fresh New Handmade: Steampunk Bustle Pocket Belt

Pocket Belts are awesome.  They let you carry your things without having to worry about a purse or bag. Steampunk is awesome. It’s probably my favorite style of costume because it’s so open ended and the only limitation is your imagination. Do you see where I’m going with this? If you like steampunk and pocket belts I have the most excellent accessory for you in the history of the world. We mashed up pocket belts and steampunk and made the Steampunk Bustle Pocket Belt.

steampunk bustle pocket belt - sideLet me explain why these new Steampunk Bustle Pocket Belts are so great. First, they are made from canvas. They’re super durable so they’ll hold up in a dust storm at Burning Man or a frenzied run through the airport. They have a large a flap pocket with velcro closure, an outer side pocket and two inner secret pocket. Think of all the things you can carry! The waist strap is adjustable and secured by a clip closure.  The best part is that there is a lace bustle on the back. You can make any outfit steampunk!

They look great on men and women.  You could totally rock a Steampunk Bustle Pocket Belt in your everyday life with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Or you could wear one with your best festival gear to become a steampunk elf warrior. We suggest trying one with a Queen Anne Corsetlet and short circle square skirt. Or you could try one with a skinny tee  and  bondage pants.

What would you wear a Steampunk Bustle Pocket Belt with? Let us know in the comments below.

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Devon Dale

Devon Dale

Lady Adventurer for Hire at Venus&Mars
Devon Dale is a twenty something Vancouverite.When she isn’t being a lady adventurer for hire she is at Venus & Mars selling you corsets, kilts and other steampunkery. She enjoys hula hooping, reading and yoga.When you see her in the store, mention the Doctor and she will squeal like a delighted child.
Devon Dale
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