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Halloween Suggestion: Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favourite Halloween costumes ever. Everyone knows who you are when you’re wearing a red cloak and carrying a basket. And because it’s super recognizable you can take it in different directions.

You could be the classic Little Red with a corset, skirt and red cloak. If you’re feeling spooky, you could be Little Dead Riding Hood by adding some zombie makeup and contacts. You could be Little Goth Riding Hood by using a black cloak instead and adding some trad goth makeup. Or you could steampunk it up by adding some goggles and steampunk inspired jewelry. You could be a badass version of Little Red by carrying a crossbow or better yet a stuffed wolf head. The only limitation is your imagination.

Guys, don’t feel excluded, you could totally rock a gender bend Little Red Riding Hood. You could call yourself Little Red Riding Dude. I would try a black velvet lace-up poet shirt with some black bondage pants, boots and a long red panne cloak.


Our version of Little Red, that is available online, is more on the traditional side but with a twist. We have put together a princess skirt with a peasant blouse and corset waist belt and a red velvet lined cloak. We also added a faux fur wrist wallet because our version of Little Red is badass and she turned the big bad wolf into an accessory. The outfit comes in just under $500 which can be a lot to spend on a Halloween costume. All the pieces are handmade in the store and can be integrated easily into other outfits. However, if the price tag is too high we suggest swapping the cloak for the long red panne cloak or the short red panne cloak which would put the outfit in under $400.

So what will you be this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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