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Sparkly New Festival Things!

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Sparkly New Festival Things!

Festival Season has officially begun. Whether you’re going to dance your butt off at Bass Coast, make new friends at Burn in the Forest, explore at Shambala or expand your mind at Burning Man, you could probably use one or two sparkly new things to update your festival wardrobe!


We have sparkly gloves in almost every colour of the rainbow! Gloves are a great and inexpensive way to class up any outfit or costume. If you’re like me and 95% of your wardrobe is black then sparkly gloves are a great way to add some colour without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry if that’s too much for you, we even made black sparkly gloves.


Leggings are the best. I put comfort and functionality above everything else so leggings are the perfect article of clothing for me. But you don’t really want to go to a festival in your yoga pants so I say swap your athletic gear for some sparkly leggings. By the way, they’re still stretchy enough to do yoga in if you need to be extra at your next class.

Sparkly Hooded Shrug

I love a good shrug. I prefer to have my shoulders covered when I wear a tank top or corset. I didn’t think that Venus & Mars shrugs could get any better but then Sanne made sparkly hooded shrugs. First of all, anything sparkly is awesome. Second, I love when stuff has a hood. In my mind, hoods = mystery and intrigued and who doesn’t want more of that in their life? Can you think of anything better for a festival than a sparkly hooded shrug?

As an added bonus, the gloves, the leggings and the shrugs are all UNISEX. So guys don’t feel left out! We know you need sparkly, awesome goodness this festival season too.

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Devon Dale

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Devon Dale is a twenty something Vancouverite.When she isn’t being a lady adventurer for hire she is at Venus & Mars selling you corsets, kilts and other steampunkery. She enjoys hula hooping, reading and yoga.When you see her in the store, mention the Doctor and she will squeal like a delighted child.
Devon Dale