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Fall 2014 News


Did you get that?  Steam. Punk. Corsets. Here.

We have them in all sorts of colours from light brown to a darker brown and rusty brown to a reddish brown.  Also in black because black is the best colour.

Best of all they are very reasonably priced.  In fact you could make a super cute steampunk outfit with a corset, a KILT PIN SKIRT and some goggles for less than $200 including tax.

Halloween is right around the corner and now is the time to get your steampunk costume together.  Come grab the corset this week, a skirt next week, some shoes the week after, maybe a utility belt next, some googles, and then a hat.

You will have the coolest costume (made of pieces you can reuse later)  plus you’ll still have plenty of time to save up for an awesome night out.

See you soon,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Kilt Pin Skirts!


I’ve always been a fan of the school girl look.

That’s probably why I have so many awesome KILT PIN SKIRTS.  I mean  I just can’t help myself whenever we make a one in a new colour I just have to get my hands on it.

You may be wondering how I keep my outfits so fresh and interesting if I just have multiples of the same item.

Here are three things to add a heaping sexy scope of interesting to give different looks to your kilt pin skirt (“KPS”):

1.  Stripey Socks – Actually you should just add striped socks to everything.  They’re wicked cute but they give that sassy goth school girl look when paired with your KPS.

2.  Steampunk Corset – I know you want to bring out the lady adventurer from deep within you.  A steampunk corset is an excellent place to start but the KPS will give you the range of motion needed for running, jumping, and round house kicks.

3.  Ladies tails vest – Vest + KPS = global domination with your cuteness.  Wear the vest on its own with maybe over top of your steampunk corset but either way prepare to have cities crumble around you.

Until next time,

Devon Dale
Lady Adventurer for Hire

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New Fresh Handmade: Black Lace-up Hoody

New Fresh Handmade: BLACK LACE-UP HOODY

As I’m writing this, it is monsooning outside.  We’re talking arc building weather here in Vancouver (way to exit like a diva, summer!).  And this rainforest weather is making me really grateful for hoods.

We have some beautiful cloaks with hoods. But not everyone has the ovaries to show up to the office looking like an elven warrior.

We also used to have a wicked cool 3/4 length sleeve shrug with a hood but those sold out almost instantly.

So in anticipation of our wet months ahead, Sanne designed the ultimate in cute, practical rainy season goth wear:  THE BLACK LACE-UP HOODY.

It’s just perfect for back to school paired with one of our KILT PIN SKIRTS.  Or maybe try it with a CORSET for a more sophisticated look.

Basically it’s versatile, adorable, and practical.  I vote that it is a necessary item for your wardrobe and I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Stay dry!

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Fresh New Handmade: Lace-Up Bootcut Pants

14724 014 (Large)Fresh New Handmade: Lace-Up Bootcut Pants

I want to take a moment to address the dudes out there in the alternative scene in Vancouver.  I feel your pain, bro.  There are significantly less options for you macho types in clothing than there are for the ladies.

VM offers a pretty awesome selection of KILTS but maybe you’re just not kilt type.

Our Lace-Up Bootcut Pants are freaking sexcellent too but you feel like all those straps and zippers are confusing.

I know those feels dude and I have something to cure your pain.

Let me re-introduce the pleather lace up bootcut pant.  They have always been a popular option in the past so we decided to bring them back.  Here’s THREE REASONS why you need a pair:

  1. Lace up flies are sexy, there’s no denying it so don’t even try.  Regardless of your partner or potential partner’s gender they are going to be intrigued. Just think of the possibilities.
  2. It’s classic and different at the same time. Leather or pleather pants should just mandatorily be a staple in your tickle trunk, the lace up fly gives them a different angle and makes them stand out.
  3. Not only are they animal friendly but they are super durable. Also if you spill your drink on them you can just wipe it off.

So stop complaining and come try a pair of these awesome pants on.  I will personally find you a rad top to match them and your personality.

Dudes, what else would you like us to bring in for you to wear?  Let us know about it in the comments below.

Do you know someone who needs these sexy pants?  Why not share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook in the link below?

Need more discussion?  Sign-up for the Steampunk Tempest.

Brotastically yours,
Devon Dale:  Lady Adventurer for Hire

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August News

August News

Big things are happening this month at Venus & Mars to help you get ready for festival season. Take a look at our August News.

In order to help you look your best on a budget we are having a huge corset sale.  Our fashion corsets (regular price $160 – $175) are on sale for $45 – $49.  That means you could buy three corsets for less than the price of one, what a deal!

In other news, we have started to carry Fairies Pyjamas from Nelson, BC.  There are fabulous new vests, shirts, skirts, and hats.   All for under $100!

Best of all we now have wicked cool leather utility belts ($40-$70) so you can dance the night away without having to worry about your purse.  Do not feel excluded Vegans, we also have non-leather utility belts ($20 – $30).

Do you have everything you need for festival season?  Let us know what you’re missing the comments below.

Do you know someone who needs a new pouch belt?  Why not share this with them on Facebook or Twitter in the link below?

Until next time…

Devon Dale: Lady  Adventurer for Hire