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What to Wear to Your Office Christmas Party (for dudes)

what to wear to your office party for dudes

I want to address the fellas out there.

Guys, suits are great for daily office wear but your Christmas is party is the one time of year that you can really dress to impress. I know that you have a tie with Santa Claus wearing a Hawaiian shirt but let me give you an alternative before you decide what to wear.

Be a little different:

If you just want to dip your toes into alternative formal wear come down and try on a black velvet double breasted vest. You can wear it with a white dress shirt and black pants that you already own. You’ll look classy and elegant and just a little different than you do every other day at the office.

Provide a little shock:

If you want to show a little more of your wild side try switching your everyday pants for our black vegan leather boot cut pants. I know wearing leather pants to an office event sounds crazy but paired with the white dress shirt and black velvet vest you’ll look more high fashion than you think. Its romantic, elegant and sexy.

Go all out:

Time to show the office drones who you really are. Replace your white dress shirt with a white poet shirt. This is a statement.  And that statement is sexy pirate. Do it, you know you want to.

Blow their minds:

Add a cloak to the outfit we’ve been building. Enough said.


What are you going to wear to your office Christmas party this year?

Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Awesome Gifts for your Weird Friend

5 Awesome Gifts for your Weird Friend!

Hey guys it’s almost Christmas! Have you started your shopping yet?  Everyone has a friend who has EVERYTHING and who is impossible to shop for. Here are 5 crazy unique and gender neutral gifts for the person who has everything on your list:

Under $200 – A Cloak

Baby, it’s cold outside. Nothing will warm you up like a beautiful cloak with a hood. Cloaks always fits. Most people don’t have one but if they do we have lots of colours. Bonus, everyone feels bad ass wearing one.

Under $100 – gift card

Feel like your friend is steampunk, goth, alternative or just plain quirky but you’re not really sure what their wardrobe looks like? Never fear, we have gift cards! Gift cards are available in any amount over $25.

Under $75 – Pocket Belts

Is your friend a little whimsical but wants things to have a purpose?  Pocket Belts are where function meets fashion. Available in several different styles.

Under $50 – Goggles

Everyone needs several pairs of goggles for all possible goggle related activities.  Going to burning man? Goggles. Time traveller? Goggles. It’s instant steampunk, instant mad science and not to mention instant fun.

Under $25 – Gloves

Gloves finish an outfit and take your look to a step above ordinary.  They also keep your hands toasty. We have a variety of gloves and glovettes under $25.

So there you have it! Cool gifts for your weird friends at every price point. What are you waiting for? Get down to Venus & Mars to get shopping done today.

You’re Welcome,

Love Devon

What is your favourite VM gift idea? Let us know in the comments below!