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where do i wear this?

Where Do I Wear This?

One of our most frequently asked question is “where do you wear this?”. It’s a question that comes in many forms.  Some people ask “who wears this stuff” and others ask “how would you describe what you’re selling”. The bottom line is that we do not carry what H&M carries and it confuses people. I […]

FAQ: What is Steampunk?

FAQ:  What is Steampunk? What is Steampunk?  I’m not totally sure there is a definitive answer for that.  Think gadgets, time travel, Victorian fashion, Jules Verne, steam engines and goggles. Steampunk is awesome because it’s so inclusive.  You could wear brown pants, a white dress shirt, suspenders, and GOGGLES (although a POCKET WATCH and a […]

FAQ – Do you have a Website?

FAQ – Do you have a Website? Why yes, yes we do.  Prepare for your mind to be blown, you’re on it right now! Seriously though guys,  we do have a website.  Like all the clothing, it is designed and put together by the shop’s rock star owner,  Sanne Lambert. All the pictures are taken […]