Black Satin Peasant Blouse ONE SIZE


  • Handmade
  • Elasticized neckline
  • 12″cap sleeves, overall length is 24″
  • Can be worn on or off the shoulder
  • Ship from Canada within North America
  • Worldwide Shipping available upon request

Only 1 left in stock


Have you ever asked “What do I wear under a waist cincher?” Do you feel like you’re showing too much cleavage in your corset or just want a little extra coverage on your shoulders? Do you want something cool to wear with your waist belt? Then the Peasant Blouse is for you.

The Peasant Blouse is a ‘one size fits most’ kind of deal. It is design to fit loosely but can be worn cinched in at the waist with a corset or a belt. The elastic neck and arms allow the peasant blouse to be worn on or off the shoulder in a way that will make you want to re-enact the cover of a bodice ripping romance novel. It looks great with a waist cincher and provides a little bit of coverage for your corsets. The old world, romantic design makes it perfect for steampunk, cosplay, Renaissance Faires or LARPing. We like to wear ours with a waist cincher, corset, corset waist belt or underbust holster.

Going to a steampunk event? All you need is the peasant blouse, underblouse holster and a circle square skirt.  Got your first Ren Faire?  Wench it up in a peasant blouse, princess skirt, waist cincher and cloak. They are great additions to Disney Princess cosplay. Nothing says Snow White like a short, poofy sleeve.  Peasant blouses even look great over a pair of jeans for a casual outing to the library.

Like all of the Venus & Mars products, these Peasant Blouses are handmade locally in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  They are designed by Sanné in the Venus&Mars shop located in the heart of Gastown.

What are you waiting for? Add this Peasant Blouse to your cart immediately if you want the ultimate top to provide a little bit of modesty and warmth for cosplay, steampunk adventures or just everyday wear.


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