Black Velvet Pointe Glovets


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Does your outfit feel a little blah? Do you wish your look had more pizazz? Are you missing something special to take your appearance to the next level? Well, my friend, accessories can make or break your outfit. Stop your suffering. Why not take your ensemble to the next level but adding a super stylish and classy pair of Black Velvet Pointe Glovets to complete the look?

Black Velvet Pointe Glovets are elbow length and can be worn at their full length or scrunched at the wrist to create a different look. The elastic loop can be worn on the middle finger for an elegant elongated look or on the thumb or pinky finger for a more punk look.The fabric has some stretch to each so they will fit most people. Black Velvet Pointe Glovets are unisexy. They look awesome on men and woman.

Black Velvet Pointe Glovets are perfect for any occasion. Are you putting together a steampunk look? Add Black Velvet Pointe Glovets to a corset, circle square skirt and pocket belt.  Going to Burning Man? Try a skinny tee with a kilt and Black Velvet Pointe Glovets for a wicked cool post apocalyptic look. Black Velvet Pointe Glovets also look great with jeans and a t shirt if you’re just heading out to coffee or groceries and you want to look like a rock star.

Like all of the Venus & Mars products, Black Velvet Pointe Glovets are handmade locally in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. They are designed by Sanné in the Venus&Mars shop located in the heart of Gastown.

What are you waiting for? Add Black Velvet Pointe Glovets to your cart immediately if you want the ultimate garment to provide an instant gentlemanly feel for cosplay, steampunk adventures or just everyday wear.


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