Long Black Circle Square Skirt




  • Handmade item
  • Material: 100% Cotton, Lace, Elastic
  • Ships from Canada within North America
  • Worldwide Shipping Available on Request

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Do you wish that you had a steampunk skirt that could serve multiple purposes in and out of your tickle trunk? Do you love clothing that can be used for a bunch of different events?  Then the Circle Square Skirt is for you!

The Circle Square Skirt is made from cotton with an elastic waistband and lace edged kerchief hem. The elastic waistband means that that they will fit you whether you’ve been detoxing on green smoothies or pigging out pizza. The asymmetrical hem creates movement when you walk, run, dance, or jump kick bad guys in the head. These skirts are so comfortable that you will want to wear it every day. They look equally great with a black fitted tee shirt as they do with a Queen Anne Corsetlet. Talk about versatility. The variety of colours available means that you can wear a different one every day of the week.

Going for coffee with a friend?  Try the Circle Square Skirt with a pair of leggings, flats and a black shirt.  Going to a Wiccan ritual in the woods? Try the Circle Square Skirt with an under blouse, a corset waist belt and a cloak.  Want to become a crew member on the Black Pearl?  Try your Circle Square Skirt with a peasant blouse, cincher and some boots. The options are limitless. It is an ideal staple for all things steampunk and cosplay while remaining neutral enough that you could look fabulous in one for any occasion!

Like all of the Venus & Mars products, the Circle Square Skirts are handmade locally in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  They are designed by Sanné in the Venus&Mars shop located in the heart of Gastown.

What are you waiting for? Add the Circle Square Skirt to your cart immediately if you want the ultimate chameleon skirt  for cosplay, steampunk adventures or just everyday wear.

 Hip: 26″ stretches to 40”.
Shorter in front (18 ” length)  longer in back (35 ” length).


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