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Summer Hours (We’ll be open longer!)

Summer Hours

Summer Hours (We’ll be open longer!)

In Vancouver, we’ve been getting serious summer vibes for the past few weeks. It’s so warm and lovely and beautiful out. I just love it! While it’s not officially summer until June 21, we are officially starting our summer hours this week! We will be open longer and later to meet all your shopping needs. Fear not, festival goers we are here to help you find goggles and pocket belts. Cosplayers and steampunks, we’re here to help you find the perfect corset or waistcoat. Goths, we’ve got light weight asymmetrical skirts in black so that you melt in the summer heat.

Our Summer Hours will be:

  • Monday – Thursday 11am -7pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11am – 8pm
  • Sundays and Holidays 11am – 6pm

Shopping online is available 24/7 from the comfort of your living room. Check out what we have in stock while you lounge around in your pjs with a glass of wine at 3am on a Tuesday. We wont judge. Live your best life.

Like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest scoop on what we’re up to. You can also sign up for the Steampunk Tempest in order to get awesome, secret deals.

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Throw Back Thursday Jan. 5, 2017

thurs jan52017

Worlds Unite in the 90’s

So I’m cleaning out my office closet ( the vault) and I have about 5 million posters from back in the day and I got the idea that they might make cool #tbt s.
If you look closely, you’ll notice this poster unites 4 early 90’s super heros. #MarcGodfrey of #Psychomania aka #MarcManhattan is wearing #venusandmarsclothing . (Notice the old school VM logo.)
Photo by uber talented #WayneHoecherl .
#PeteFry of #Digboy (yes that #PeteFry) did the graphics. (this was pre-desktop publishing).

Cool or not?

Do you have any stories re pre desk top publishing? Let us know if the comments below…

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3 ways a Corset will help you get over the Holiday Blues

jenna in purple

3 ways a Corset will help you get over the Holiday Blues

Happy New Year!

Christmas is over. New Year’s is done. Valentine’s Day is still so far away. It’s only natural to get the post Holiday Blues.

Never fear! I have a solution: Corsets! Here are three ways that corsets can help you beat the post Holiday Blues.

Corsets are Pretty

We have a huge selection of gorgeous corsets. From really fancy Victorian looking corsets to casual corsets we have a corset for cosplay, steampunk, fetish and even everyday. It’s hard to feel down when you are wear something luxurious.

Corsets put the Fun in Functional

It’s hard not to feel sexy in a corset but it’s next to impossible to have bad posture in one. You will sit up taller and stand up straighter when you wear your new corset. It’s like you’ve been doing yoga without having to do yoga!

Corset will hide how much shortbread you ate

There’s no shame in it. We all overindulge over the Holidays. Whether it’s delicious treats or mashed potatoes it’s hard to say no when grandma keeps offering you seconds… or third. Nothing adds to the post holidays blues more than having all your pants be super tight. Instead of feeling shitty about yourself, put on a corset. You’ll have an instant hourglass figure and all the extra shortbread with be redistributed to more flattering areas.

So there you have it. Come into Venus & Mars and try one on today. How do you beat the post Holiday Blues? Let us know in the comments below.

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Has this ever happened to you?

Your hair is styled. Your makeup is fantastic.  Your outfit is enviable. Your shoes could stop traffic.  Your keys, ID and cash are…. clutched in your hand because your outfit has no pockets.

We have the solution for you. Introducing our new, fresh, handmade holster and they are SMAOKIN’!

It’s your basic fetish meets festival accessory with 6 pockets to hold all your thingys and guess what? It’s reversible!

Picture this: a harness crossing in the back with an ‘x’ and double straps in the front. Now picture that with discrete pockets on the side. Now take that image and make it reversible so that you can wear it on the black side out or the coloured side out.   That’s like two looks for the price of one, est-ce pas?

It really can’t get much better!

We often sell out of these beauties and you know what that is, right?

Authentic scarcity.

You can click here to get yours.

How do you carry your stuff around without ruining the outfit?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured item: Cloaks!


Vancouver is a winter wonderland. The weather outside is frightful so warm up with a handmade cloak from Venus & Mars.

I got married in October.  It was a fantastic wedding and I got to marry my best friend. There was only one problem.  I hated my wedding dress. My family and in-laws pressured me into a traditional bridal gown, which is really not my style at all.

I was feeling really torn up about it. I spent so much money on a dress I didn’t like and it was stressing me out. Then I had an epiphany! The same year I might my husband I had bought a beautiful one of a kind cloak from Venus & Mars. It was green velvet with teal tapestry panels at the front. I tried it on with my wedding dress and it instantly made it 100 times better. I could wear the traditional dress for grandma and make it my style with the cloak!

So basically there’s no problem too big that Venus & Mars can’t solve!

Do you have a cloak? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Do you need a cloak? Click HERE just in case.

ddla 😉