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Has this ever happened to you?

Your hair is styled. Your makeup is fantastic.  Your outfit is enviable. Your shoes could stop traffic.  Your keys, ID and cash are…. clutched in your hand because your outfit has no pockets.

We have the solution for you. Introducing our new, fresh, handmade holster and they are SMAOKIN’!

It’s your basic fetish meets festival accessory with 6 pockets to hold all your thingys and guess what? It’s reversible!

Picture this: a harness crossing in the back with an ‘x’ and double straps in the front. Now picture that with discrete pockets on the side. Now take that image and make it reversible so that you can wear it on the black side out or the coloured side out.   That’s like two looks for the price of one, est-ce pas?

It really can’t get much better!

We often sell out of these beauties and you know what that is, right?

Authentic scarcity.

You can click here to get yours.

How do you carry your stuff around without ruining the outfit?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured item: Cloaks!


Vancouver is a winter wonderland. The weather outside is frightful so warm up with a handmade cloak from Venus & Mars.

I got married in October.  It was a fantastic wedding and I got to marry my best friend. There was only one problem.  I hated my wedding dress. My family and in-laws pressured me into a traditional bridal gown, which is really not my style at all.

I was feeling really torn up about it. I spent so much money on a dress I didn’t like and it was stressing me out. Then I had an epiphany! The same year I might my husband I had bought a beautiful one of a kind cloak from Venus & Mars. It was green velvet with teal tapestry panels at the front. I tried it on with my wedding dress and it instantly made it 100 times better. I could wear the traditional dress for grandma and make it my style with the cloak!

So basically there’s no problem too big that Venus & Mars can’t solve!

Do you have a cloak? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Do you need a cloak? Click HERE just in case.

ddla 😉

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#ThrowBackThursday December 15, 2016 A Gothic Galatic Christmas

throwbackthursday#ThrowBackThursday for December 15, 2016  A Gothic Galatic Christmas

This weeks #tbt is about a gig and fashion show that we did at the pic pub on December 17, 2005. It was featured in the Georgia Staight’s Style Watch. If you look closely, you can see me and my strat rawking out in the background.

A gothic, galactic Christmas: an evening with renaissance woman Sanne Lambert and friends

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5 Awesome Gifts for your Weird Friend

5 Awesome Gifts for your Weird Friend!

Hey guys it’s almost Christmas! Have you started your shopping yet?  Everyone has a friend who has EVERYTHING and who is impossible to shop for. Here are 5 crazy unique and gender neutral gifts for the person who has everything on your list:

Under $200 – A Cloak

Baby, it’s cold outside. Nothing will warm you up like a beautiful cloak with a hood. Cloaks always fits. Most people don’t have one but if they do we have lots of colours. Bonus, everyone feels bad ass wearing one.

Under $100 – gift card

Feel like your friend is steampunk, goth, alternative or just plain quirky but you’re not really sure what their wardrobe looks like? Never fear, we have gift cards! Gift cards are available in any amount over $25.

Under $75 – Pocket Belts

Is your friend a little whimsical but wants things to have a purpose?  Pocket Belts are where function meets fashion. Available in several different styles.

Under $50 – Goggles

Everyone needs several pairs of goggles for all possible goggle related activities.  Going to burning man? Goggles. Time traveller? Goggles. It’s instant steampunk, instant mad science and not to mention instant fun.

Under $25 – Gloves

Gloves finish an outfit and take your look to a step above ordinary.  They also keep your hands toasty. We have a variety of gloves and glovettes under $25.

So there you have it! Cool gifts for your weird friends at every price point. What are you waiting for? Get down to Venus & Mars to get shopping done today.

You’re Welcome,

Love Devon

What is your favourite VM gift idea? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 ‘Alternative’ Alternatives to a Little Black Cocktail Dress

3 ‘Alternative’ Alternatives to a Little Black Cocktail Dress

Greetings Weirdos,

It’s Christmas party season and I’m guessing a lot of you have muggle jobs where you spend day after day trying to fit in with the vanillas.

Well guess what! I am officially letting you off the hook for your X-mas party.  Get ready to show them your true colours in these three alternative (but work appropriate) Christmas Party Outfit Suggestions:


Want a sophisticated look that makes you feel like a princess? This is the outfit for you.  Want to add a little extra flair? Try SLEEVES and bam, instant gown.


  1.       RENAISSANCE JACKET  with black leggings and WEDGE LACEUP BOOTS

I call this my Casanova look.   Feel suave and sexy while looking feminine and elegant in this look.


  1.       CORSET with VEST and black pencil skirt

Want to wear a corset without screaming “Hey everyone from the office, check out my corseted tatas?” Throw one of gorgeous handmade vests over top to tame the girls.

Dudes I haven’t forgotten about you why not try a POET SHIRT with a VEST and MILITARY FROCK COAT and some jeans?

So much more fun than a boring suit or little black dress.

What do you plan on wearing to your office party? Let us know in the comments below.

Do you know someone who needs some alt in their wardrobe why not share this with them on Twitter or Facebook?

Until next time…

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire