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NEW is Always Better!

New in Shop

The weather is getting warmer which makes me think of summer. Summer makes me think of festivals and festivals means its time to think about gear. Luckily, Sanne is three steps ahead and she has been working on different colours or fan favourites and making sure that sold out things are restocked!

Holster Vest with Lace Up Back

The reversible holster vest has pockets. You can keep your phone, ID and cash close you without worrying about ruining your looks with a backpack or leaving your purse somewhere. The back is lace up. That means that the size is a little bit adjustable and that you will be able to feel the cool breeze on your back.  Not only is the lace up functional but it also adds a sexy detail to the back.  Sounds pretty rad to me.   Now available in Black, Green and Brown online and wine (coming soon online) in shop!

RESTOCKED – Utility Kilt in size medium

Medium seems to be our most popular size. We’re always sold out! What’s sexier than a man in a kilt? Nothing. Show off your muscular calves in a handmade kilt. Seriously every man needs at least one in his wardrobe. Going to a fetish night? Wear a kilt. Going to Burning Man? You definitely need to pack a kilt. Attending a wedding? Kilt! Kilts look great with a t-shirt and converse runners or you can dress one up with a pair of boots and a dress shirt. We suggest you try a kilt with a poet shirt and a waistcoat for a dapper steampunk look.

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FAQ: Are these real corsets?

are these real corsets

FAQ: Are these real corsets?

This is a question we get fairly regularly and I’m never totally sure how to answer it. The answer is yes but there seems to be a little bit of an exclusionary attitude when it comes to corsets so I thought I would break down what a corset is and let you make up your own mind.

What exactly is a corset

Traditionally, a corset is a tight fitting undergarment that is designed to cinch the waist and typically had boning and lacing. They have been used for fashion and medical purposes and have been worn by both and men and women. Underbust corsets or waist cinchers are worn below your bra. Overbust corsets can be worn in place of a bra or over your bra depending what you’re comfortable with. Today, corsets are worn as an undergarment or shapewear, or corsets can be worn as a top.

are these real corsets


Boning is used to give the corset shape on your body. The more boning and the closer it is together, then the more cinche you will get. People generally think of whale boning when they think of corsets but today steel, flexible steel and plastic are generally used. Plastic boned corsets are the least expensive and typically what you would find at big box stores like Forever 21 or La Senza. Plastic boned corsets are great for costumes and causal wear however the boning is prone to kinking. Flexible steel boning is a nice middle of the road option. Corsets with flexible steel boning will give you a great shape but still let you move comfortably and they’re not terrible to wear for hours on end. Really heavy duty steel boning is great for people who are really serious about corsetry. They give amazing shape and they generally take a little bit of practice to wear for a long period of time.

Bonus: How to Tie Your Own Corset

What we do

Handmade Venus & Mars corsets fall somewhere between the flexible steel boning and the heavy steel. They give great shape due the heavy steel boning on the sides but the front and back have flexible steel boning so you can still move and bend and breathe comfortably. They are available online and in store. In our brick and mortar, we also carry imported flexible steel boned corsets as well as plastic boned corsets. We liked to carry a variety of options at different price points so that corsets can be accessible to everyone.

Corsets are fun to wear and they can make you feel sexy or powerful or whatever you’d like. They are great as shapewear or on their own. Corsets are a great tool for cosplay or costumes and they look excellent as part of a steampunk outfit. Like anything, I feel like when you start to take corsets too seriously or narrow the definition to a point where it excludes people it stops being fun. What do you think? Am I totally wrong? Let us know in the comments. Better yet, come down to the store and try a couple on. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not our corsets are real.

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New Things!

new in shop ap. 22

New in Shop for the Week of April 22, 2018

Sanne has been so busy making all the things for the shop. This week we have a new restock of some old favorites. That’s right, new in store this week is the long black steampunk frock coat and the reversible corset waist belt.

Long Black Steampunk Frock Coat

Available in sizes Small to Large.

The Steampunk Frock Coat is the masculine equivalent to a corset. Seriously, every guy who tries one on looks great in it. It’s like an instant makeover. These look great with a pair of jeans and runners but they can also be dressed up and worn as a suit jacket. We’ve had many people get a Steampunk Frock Coat for Halloween or a costume and ended up integrating it into their everyday wardrobe because it looks so great. We love the look of a Steampunk Frock Coat with a pair of bondage pants and a waistcoat.

Corset Waist Belts

Now available in blue reversible to black vegan leather, red reversible to black vegan leather, brown reversible to black vegan leather, and black tapestry reversible to black vegan leather.

Do you want the look of a corset without the boning? Then the corset waist belt is for you. The corset waist belt laces up in the front so you can customize how wide the gap is. Elastic sides and back are stretchy so this belt can fit most people. Did we mention that it’s reversible? Well it is! One side is vegan leather and the other is bright coloured patterned fabric so that you can wear your corset waist belt with any outfit. We like to wear the corset waist belt with an underblouse and an asymmetrical skirt.

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3 ways a Corset will help you get over the Holiday Blues

jenna in purple

3 ways a Corset will help you get over the Holiday Blues

Happy New Year!

Christmas is over. New Year’s is done. Valentine’s Day is still so far away. It’s only natural to get the post Holiday Blues.

Never fear! I have a solution: Corsets! Here are three ways that corsets can help you beat the post Holiday Blues.

Corsets are Pretty

We have a huge selection of gorgeous corsets. From really fancy Victorian looking corsets to casual corsets we have a corset for cosplay, steampunk, fetish and even everyday. It’s hard to feel down when you are wear something luxurious.

Corsets put the Fun in Functional

It’s hard not to feel sexy in a corset but it’s next to impossible to have bad posture in one. You will sit up taller and stand up straighter when you wear your new corset. It’s like you’ve been doing yoga without having to do yoga!

Corset will hide how much shortbread you ate

There’s no shame in it. We all overindulge over the Holidays. Whether it’s delicious treats or mashed potatoes it’s hard to say no when grandma keeps offering you seconds… or third. Nothing adds to the post holidays blues more than having all your pants be super tight. Instead of feeling shitty about yourself, put on a corset. You’ll have an instant hourglass figure and all the extra shortbread with be redistributed to more flattering areas.

So there you have it. Come into Venus & Mars and try one on today. How do you beat the post Holiday Blues? Let us know in the comments below.

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Jamie’s Wedding Shirt

Jamie’s Wedding Shirt


Have you ever seen the show Outlander?

The premise is WWII nurse meets 18th century Jacobite kilt wearing hottie and is forced into marriage with him in order to avoid torture from her 20th century husband’s ancestor.

Bigamy and kilts, what could be better, right?

I was totally addicted to the series this summer and so you can image my dismay and distraught when I realized the mid series break  will last 7 months!

Who does this?

Anyhooo, to appease my jonesing I was compelled to create the shirt worn by Jamie on his wedding night.

Now your man can look as hot as Jamie.

You’re Welcome.

Pair with one of our VM Kilts, Miltary Frock Coats and Steampunk Pocket Vests and presto! bango! you’ll have one hot bf on your hands.

What’s your favorite Outlander outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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Good Day!