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Northwest Fan Fest: Cosplay Costume #1 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Cosplay CostumeInfographic

Do you have your outfit for Northwest Fan Fest yet?

It’s almost time for Northwest Fan Fest!  And guess what, we will be vending.

Check out our EVENT PAGE for all the juicy details.

Do you want to cosplay but you have no idea what to dress up as? Fear not, friends, for we have some wicked awesome Venus & Mars ideas for you.

Check out my Harley Quinn below. I am wearing a BLACK SATIN PEASANT BLOUSE  with a RED WAIST CINCHER on top.  I layered a red tutu with a longer black crinoline for maximum poof on the bottom.  I’m also rocking a pair of black stripes and lace pantyhose and some wicked ass mid calf steampunk boots.

What are you dressing up as for #NWFF2014? Let us know in the comments below.

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Stay tuned for more ideas coming your way!

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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The Best Summer Goth Skirt

The Best Summer Goth Skirt

If you’re living in Vancouver, you’ve probably been basking in the glorious heat wave we’ve had this May.  It’s nearly Summer now and while we love patio drinks, us pale goth kids are getting concerned once again about what we can wear in the blazing heat.

Fear not, children of the night,  I have a solution for you.

Let me introduce you to the circle square skirt.  It comes in both a long and short variation.

The lightweight fabric is breezy and comfortable in like, you know, a dark and mysterious sort of way.  The kerchief hem is just the right amount of Morticia Addams without being too costumey. You can wear it with a corset or a tank top and it still looks awesome.

Best of all they’re a little bit like the jeans in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: they fit everyone.  The elastic wait means they’re as comfortable as yoga pants (not that I own yoga pants…) and that your skirt will fit your size 12 booty and your bestie’s size 6 booty.

So do not hide in the depth of basement all summer long fellow gothlings, get your butt down to 324 West Hastings and grab yourself a circle square skirt.

How do you alter your goth clothing to beat the heat?  Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire


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Welcome to the future nerdlings!

Here at Venus & Mars we really dig Victoria Day. The weather is gorgeous, the birds are chirping and it’s just a fabulous time to wear a corset.

This year we decided to have a fashion show in good old Vicky’s honour.

Typical fashion shows are rad but we decided to one up it and premier our Vicky Walks on Google Hangouts so the idea was that you can watch from your bed in your pjs while eating an entire tub of ice cream. Because it’s 2014 and the future is now!

It didn’t quite go according to plan…


Good Intended Victoria Day Fashion Show Hangout:


Victoria Day Fashion Show Hangout Debacle. Skip ahead to 15:30 for our comments:


You’re welcome.

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See you in the interwebz,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Mystery Monday #2 May 5, 2014

Mystery Monday #2 May 12, 2014

Interwebs Activate!!!   FORM OF… a Sleuth:

From VM’s inception in 1993 until the closing of our 2nd location in New Westminster BC , Canada  (July 2009)  Venus&Mars has sold thousands of gowns.

Consequently, we have hundreds pictures of mystery beauties in their vm swag.

Can you help indentify them?

Check out the photos below…

Mystery Monday 2 Mystery Monday 2


Is this you or do you know this person?

Let us know in the comments below or better yet email us:

This would be late 90’s or early millennia.

I can’t remember taking this photo, but it’s possible that staff took it. (Colleen, maybe?)

Were you going to a masquerade or did you wear it for grad or a special wedding? Inquiring minds want to know…

I’m very nostalgic about the gown. Ooohh look at that fabric and the trim and it hangs so nicely ahhh and the cloak…

Can you help find this mystery beauty? Search it out on Facebook or Twitter.

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All the love,


Designer, Owner & Founder of Vancouver’s Goth Nirvana – Venus&Mars Clothing

PS: ALERT! Coming up next Monday May 19. 2014  Victoria Day at High Noon: Venus&Mars Presents VICKY WALKS an online fashion show.

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Throw Back Thursday: Walt’s Proposal

Walt’s Proposal My Wedding Symposium Episode #2

Greetings My Interweb Friends!

Would you like to hear about how Walt asked me to marry him for this week’s #tbt?

We got together over time as we played in the Sanné Lambert Trio.

A lot of the shows were at the Railway Club here in Vancouver.

We spent quite a bit of time in the back bar on what we dubbed the ‘kissing bench’ and when it came time for the big question, Walt choose the Railway as the location.

Check out this video for more:

What’s  your proposal story? Let me know in the comments below.

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IHS (I have spoken)

Sanné Lambert

Designer, Owner & Founder: Vancouver’s Goth Nirvana – Venus&Mars Clothing

Walter Brady’s Wife