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Make It Vancouver is less than One Month Away!

Grey Long Kilt Skirt - mirror outfit

Sanne Making thingsHoly smokes, Make It Vancouver is less than one month away.  We are so excited to be participating in the Make It show for the first time ever.  Sanne has been super busy making all kinds of new things and restocking sold out things.  What kind of things?  How about underbust holster vests, tails pocket belts and ladies tails vests to name a few.

The show runs Friday April 21 (11am – 9pm), Saturday April 22 (10am – 6pm) and Sunday April 23 (11am – 5pm) at the PNE forum. It will feature over 200 exhibitors selling gorgeous handmade items.  Unlike our other shows will we only be carrying handmade items at Make It Vancouver which means that all our amazing Venus & Mars steampunkery will be in the spotlight. As always, our vending prices will include tax and we will be accepting debit and credit as well as cash so if you’ve been saving your pennies for a new cloak Make It Vancouver would be an excellent time to get one.

Tickets are only $5 at the door, however if you want to pick them up now click here to get $2 off. What an excellent deal!  Did we mention that there will be a beer garden, food trucks and live music?  What are you waiting for?  Buy your tickets now so you don’t miss out on this great party!

Are you planning on coming out to Make It Vancouver?  Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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Fresh New Handmade: Underbust Holster Vest

underbust holster outfit

It’s that magical time between evening and night. The light has dimmed but it is not yet dark yet. The hot, humid summer day has become pleasantly warm with an occasional cool breeze. She steps barefoot out into a clearing in the thick West Coast woods.  Her asymmetrical skirt swishes by her feet. She reaches into the pocket of her holster vest and pulls out an apple.  Content to be alone, she takes a bite and listens to the forest sing.  Out of nowhere, she feels a drop of water on her bare arms.  Then she feels another.  A summer rain has started.  Undeterred, she gently lifts her hood on to her head, finishes her apple and then disappears into the trees.

Attention all the elves, fairies, steampunks, adventurers and Burners, we have something you will most definitely want to come check out. If there were two things that you could add to your clothing what would those things be?  Most likely you answered, pockets and a hood. What if I were to tell you that there is a locally handmade garment available to you that provides both those thing?  Well, guess what!  There is and we have it.

underbust holster outfitForget diamonds, the underbust holster vest is a girl’s best friend.  The underbust holster is so flattering.  It zips up in the front under your boobs which creates a slimmer looking waist similar to waist cincher.  Unlike a cincher, there is no boning so you are free to run and move and twist. Its perfect for dancing the night away or scaling a building before you zip line down across the city to steal the world’s largest Ruby from an evil doer trying to build a death ray.  You know just typical girly stuff. The pockets are fairly big.  You could definitely fit your phone or a small wallet in there. They are also great for storing trail mix for when you need a little snack.

Guess what else?  There is a hood and it’s detachable so you can wear it with the holster or on it’s own.  The hoods are huge.  It doesn’t matter how big you make your hair, this hood will still fit over your head.

Want to know what to wear with an underbust holster vest?  Our mannequin is rocking a purple chiffon underblouse, wiggle skirt, lace choker and goggles.

Well what are you waiting for?  Why haven’t you added an underbust holster to your cart yet?  Is it because you’re driving down to 324 Hastings Street to try one on?  Because that is the only acceptable excuse.

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Feature Product: Steampunk Vests

Ladies Steampunk Tails Pocket Vest

Is there anything better than a vest? I’m serious.  I mean chocolate is great and I love movies as much as the next person but when it comes to clothing the vest has a special place in my heart. Maybe its my bias toward steampunk, maybe it’s my love of gentlemen. But either way it is the easiest way to take any outfit from slob to boss.  Well maybe not any outfit.  You’ll still look like a slob if you throw a vest over a Cheetos stained t-shirt and sweatpants but basically any other outfit is improved significantly when you add a vest.

A vest is like the best friend or neighbor in a romantic comedy.  For most of the plot they are overlooked while the main character chases after someone fancy like a sequined tube top or a light blue leisure suit.  When they finally get the person they thought they wanted, they realize that the neighbor or best friend was actually the best fit all along.  That’s how I feel about vests.  They are often overlooked but vest is still there for you in your time of need and a vest will bring out the best in you.

Let’s say, for example, that you wanted to cosplay as your own steampunk version of the Doctor.  You start with a pair of awesome, handmade black stretch bondage pants.  You add a white poet shirt and a military frock coat.  You look most excellent but you feel more like Casanova than a Time-lord. Then you add a vest and you are instantly more lordly and time and spacey than you were merely moments ago.

steampunk doctor

Ladies, don’t worry, we have vests for you too. Do you want to stand out at a festival or Burning Man?  Try a tails vest and a short circle square skirt.  Add a pocket belt to hold your ID and cash and maybe some cat ears and a tail just because.

Have you added a vest to your cart yet?  Are you planning a trip to Gastown to come try one on? What are you waiting for?

Let us know what you will be using your new vest for in the comments below.

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Learn to be a Gentleman (in 3 easy steps)

Gentleman Vest

Hey guys, it’s time for some real talk.  In a world full of negativity it’s easy to behave like a cad when you should be acting like a gentleman.  But, trust me, you will feel so much better if you take the gentlemanly road. A gentleman isn’t defined by gender.  I think anyone can be a gentleman. It’s a way of life and a way of conducting yourself in social situations. Whether you identify as male, female, non-binary or anything else you can be a gentleman.

The best way to be a gentleman is to be considerate of the people around you. It’s giving up your seat on the bus or holding the door open for someone whose arms are full of groceries, going out of your way to not belittle anyone because you are having a bad day, and being mindful of the things that you say when you are frustrated.  Being a gentleman is not gossiping about people or making assumptions when you don’t know the whole story.  Basically being a gentleman is treating other people the way you want to be treated and being ready to lend a hand whenever you can.

Sometimes it is really easy to get stuck inside your head when things aren’t going your way and you forget to be gentlemanly to other people.  It’s not being vindictive or mean you just forget to be courteous because you are distracted with what’s going on in your life. Well guess what, I have a solution for you.  This may sound vain but sometimes dressing up like a gentleman can help you remember to act like one.

Level One: Undercover Gentleman

If you want a reminder to not be a jerk but you don’t want to scream it out to the world then I suggest getting yourself a vest.  As soon as you put one of these bad boys on you will feel ready to open doors and escort old ladies across the street.  Vests instantly dress up your outfit and make you feel more polished and put together. It’s hard to want to help other people when you feel like you can barely roll out of bed.  My solution is the vest. Black Tapestry Tails Vest - Front 3 Quarter Gentleman

Level Two: Low Key Gentleman

As a low key gentleman, people will notice you and instantly gravitate towards your suave and helpful aura.  Add a military frock coat to you vest to achieve level two in the gentlemanly arts.  Be prepared for people to ask you for directions (or your phone number) because you will look approachable and professional with a pinch of unique.  Gentleman

Level Three: Gentleman Supreme

It’s time to add a top hat.  Top hats scream I am a gentleman.  Treating people with respect and empathy will make people want to be around you.  Wearing a top hat lets them identify you from afar.  People will see you in your vest, frock coat and top hat and know that you are the person to ask for help. Do you know what?  When you’re wearing the outfit you’ll want to help them.  You’ll look good and feel good and that makes it so much easier to want to help other people.

Steampunk Dan

How do you define a gentleman?  Let us know in the comments below.

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New Fresh Handmade: Side Skirt with Lace

Do you ever put on a piece of clothing and immediately feel transported to another time and place?  That’s how I felt when I first tried on the side skirt with lace.  There is something about the asymmetry of that skirt that screams elvish princess to me. I stepped into the dressing room as Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire and when I stepped out I am Devon Dale: Elvish Princess.

All of sudden, I was transported to the forest.  I had a bow and a quiver of arrows strapped to my back.  My black side lace skirt made it easy for me to navigate the uneven terrain as I patrolled the border of our woods for any intruders or threats. If I needed to, I could easily run and hide because of my elf like grace.  I could climb a tree with ease and nothing could stop me from defending and protecting my kin and kingdom.

I gave my head a shake and I was back in the store.  

It is so comfortable to wear because the stretch of cotton makes this skirt super easy to move around in.  It feels like a hug.  You may not need to hide in the tree tops in your day to day life but you could definitely wear this skirt all day at work or running errands.  The lace detail adds a little bit of femininity and cuteness.  This is the perfect Burning Man or festival skirt. You could wear it with leggings and top to coffee with a friend. You could easily turn it into a steampunk cosplay by adding a corset, a pocket belt and some goggles.

Add a little fantasy to your life and wardrobe and put one of these fantastic skirts in your cart immediately.  You will not regret it.

Do you have a piece of clothing that whisks you away from your real life and drops you somewhere over the rainbow?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

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