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June Events!

June Events

June Events

Are you looking for fun, free, family events this June? Well good news because we will be vending at three different fun, free, family events next month!

West End Car Free Day – June 16, 2018

Vancouver’s West End is a densely populated area surrounded by beautiful parks and beaches. It welcomes residents of all ages, incomes, ethnicities and sexual orientations. The highly walkable area offers restaurants, cafes and places to get ice cream before walking the seawall.

The West End brings together business owners, community organizations, artists and volunteers to seed the idea of building a better, more livable city. There are music stages and jam sessions to listen to, art being exhibited and created live on the street and plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or something to drink.

Main Street Car Free Day – June 17, 2018

The biggest of Vancouver’s Car Free Day festivals spanning 21 blocks, Main Street has 15 stages and mini festivals along the entire street. This is a fun, family-friendly event with kid-zones, skateboarders, funky artisan shops and popular food vendors. You can really taste the flavour of Main Street with extended patios from many restaurants.

East Side Pride – June 23, 2018

This will be an inclusive, engaging and family-friendly event featuring loads of local talent and friends from the community. Join us at the stage for a variety of live acts including Dia Nos, RedSoulBluez, Michelle Joly, Carousel Scene, Scizzor Fairy, drag performances and more.This event space is accessible by foot, bike, mobility devices and, transit, with multiple gender accessible washrooms onsite. ASL interpretation provided. East Side Pride is a sober event.

Come check out our booth to see handmade clothing for steampunk, goth, festival gear, Burning Man, cosplay, costumes, LARP, Halloween or just every day life. As always we are accepting cash, credit and debit. Stop by and get some awesome rainbow shorts to start the summer right!

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Summer Hours (We’ll be open longer!)

Summer Hours

Summer Hours (We’ll be open longer!)

In Vancouver, we’ve been getting serious summer vibes for the past few weeks. It’s so warm and lovely and beautiful out. I just love it! While it’s not officially summer until June 21, we are officially starting our summer hours this week! We will be open longer and later to meet all your shopping needs. Fear not, festival goers we are here to help you find goggles and pocket belts. Cosplayers and steampunks, we’re here to help you find the perfect corset or waistcoat. Goths, we’ve got light weight asymmetrical skirts in black so that you melt in the summer heat.

Our Summer Hours will be:

  • Monday – Thursday 11am -7pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11am – 8pm
  • Sundays and Holidays 11am – 6pm

Shopping online is available 24/7 from the comfort of your living room. Check out what we have in stock while you lounge around in your pjs with a glass of wine at 3am on a Tuesday. We wont judge. Live your best life.

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Who? What? Where? – Steampunk Adventure Fantasy

Steampunk Adventure Fantasy

Who/ What/Where: Steampunk Adventure Fantasy


Sadr Axeness from the Necro Hour is one of our favorite living mannequins ever. If you haven’t seen her videos you should definitely check her out on YouTube. Sadr is constantly hiking through the forest on a quest to find the best shots for her channel. A steampunk adventure fantasy outfit with pants is therefore a perfect option for her. Nothing is worse than hiking through the woods and getting your skirt caught on the underbrush.

This might be the outfit for you, if like Sadr, you have some adventure in blood.


Sadr is wearing the men’s steampunk bondage pants in grey pinstripe with a wine underblouse, white reversible waist cincher, brown tapestry pocket vest and bronze cybersteam goggles on her head.


This is a great outfit for a convention. It’s instantly recognizable as steampunk but it’s comfortable to wear and easy to move around it. You could wear this with flats or heels. If you’re too hot you can remove the waist cincher or vest without ruining the outfit. It’s also great because you could add a bunch of steampunk accessories if you wanted to but you could also get away with traveling to the con without attracting too much attention.

All together, this outfit reads as Steampunk Adventure Fantasy but individually all of the pieces could be integrated into your everyday wardrobe. The pants look great with a graphic tee. The cincher works great over a little black dress. The blouse would like awesome with jeans. The vest is great over a t shirt. The goggles are admittedly a little costumey but they’re also UV400 so you could wear them as sunglasses.

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NEW is Always Better!

New in Shop

The weather is getting warmer which makes me think of summer. Summer makes me think of festivals and festivals means its time to think about gear. Luckily, Sanne is three steps ahead and she has been working on different colours or fan favourites and making sure that sold out things are restocked!

Holster Vest with Lace Up Back

The reversible holster vest has pockets. You can keep your phone, ID and cash close you without worrying about ruining your looks with a backpack or leaving your purse somewhere. The back is lace up. That means that the size is a little bit adjustable and that you will be able to feel the cool breeze on your back.  Not only is the lace up functional but it also adds a sexy detail to the back.  Sounds pretty rad to me.   Now available in Black, Green and Brown online and wine (coming soon online) in shop!

RESTOCKED – Utility Kilt in size medium

Medium seems to be our most popular size. We’re always sold out! What’s sexier than a man in a kilt? Nothing. Show off your muscular calves in a handmade kilt. Seriously every man needs at least one in his wardrobe. Going to a fetish night? Wear a kilt. Going to Burning Man? You definitely need to pack a kilt. Attending a wedding? Kilt! Kilts look great with a t-shirt and converse runners or you can dress one up with a pair of boots and a dress shirt. We suggest you try a kilt with a poet shirt and a waistcoat for a dapper steampunk look.

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FAQ: Are these real corsets?

are these real corsets

FAQ: Are these real corsets?

This is a question we get fairly regularly and I’m never totally sure how to answer it. The answer is yes but there seems to be a little bit of an exclusionary attitude when it comes to corsets so I thought I would break down what a corset is and let you make up your own mind.

What exactly is a corset

Traditionally, a corset is a tight fitting undergarment that is designed to cinch the waist and typically had boning and lacing. They have been used for fashion and medical purposes and have been worn by both and men and women. Underbust corsets or waist cinchers are worn below your bra. Overbust corsets can be worn in place of a bra or over your bra depending what you’re comfortable with. Today, corsets are worn as an undergarment or shapewear, or corsets can be worn as a top.

are these real corsets


Boning is used to give the corset shape on your body. The more boning and the closer it is together, then the more cinche you will get. People generally think of whale boning when they think of corsets but today steel, flexible steel and plastic are generally used. Plastic boned corsets are the least expensive and typically what you would find at big box stores like Forever 21 or La Senza. Plastic boned corsets are great for costumes and causal wear however the boning is prone to kinking. Flexible steel boning is a nice middle of the road option. Corsets with flexible steel boning will give you a great shape but still let you move comfortably and they’re not terrible to wear for hours on end. Really heavy duty steel boning is great for people who are really serious about corsetry. They give amazing shape and they generally take a little bit of practice to wear for a long period of time.

Bonus: How to Tie Your Own Corset

What we do

Handmade Venus & Mars corsets fall somewhere between the flexible steel boning and the heavy steel. They give great shape due the heavy steel boning on the sides but the front and back have flexible steel boning so you can still move and bend and breathe comfortably. They are available online and in store. In our brick and mortar, we also carry imported flexible steel boned corsets as well as plastic boned corsets. We liked to carry a variety of options at different price points so that corsets can be accessible to everyone.

Corsets are fun to wear and they can make you feel sexy or powerful or whatever you’d like. They are great as shapewear or on their own. Corsets are a great tool for cosplay or costumes and they look excellent as part of a steampunk outfit. Like anything, I feel like when you start to take corsets too seriously or narrow the definition to a point where it excludes people it stops being fun. What do you think? Am I totally wrong? Let us know in the comments. Better yet, come down to the store and try a couple on. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not our corsets are real.

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