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Mystery Monday #1 May 5, 2014

Mystery Monday No. 1 May 5, 2014

Interwebs Activate!!!   FORM OF… a Sleuth:

From VM’s inception in 1993 until the closing of our 2nd location in New Westminster BC , Canada  (July 2009)  Venus&Mars has sold thousands of gowns.

Consequently, we have hundreds pictures of mystery beauties in their vm swag.

1Gowns mm1

Can you help indentify them?

Check out the photo below…

mm1 girl

Is this you or do you know this person?

Let us know in the comments below or better yet email us:

This is back in the day when we used to have photos printed, but at least we know when this was taken because of the time stamp.

I remember you asking me to change the cord in this gown to the wine colour.  I think it was for your grad…

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Good Day!

Sanné Lambert

Designer, Owner & Founder: Vancouver’s Goth Nirvana – Venus&Mars Clothing

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FAQ Who wears this stuff?

FAQ Who wears this stuff?

The short answer is you.

Or at least you could be.  We have so many awesome separate pieces that are easily incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.

Gents, why not wear a VM pocket vest with your suit to the office?

Ladies, perhaps you could mix things up with a long kilt pin skirt and blouse?

If going over the top and standing out in a crowd is your goal, we can help with that too.  Try a corset, crinoline, goggles and stompy boots for maximum impact.

But to get back to the original question, we have a wide and wild client base.

In a single afternoon we could be putting together a steampunk Harley Quinn cosplay,  an alternative grad outfit, a medieval bridal look, something to wear to a fetish night and Burning Man costumes.

Steampunk Outfit

We also do a lot of business with the film industry in Vancouver.  Venus & Mars gear has been used in Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, and Underworld to name a few.  Try not the fangasm too much, nerds.

Oh and of course we are solidly busy for the month of HALLOWEEN.

We have a pile of photos of people in the Venus & Mars outfits but we don’t know who they are.  So starting this week, we premiere Mystery Monday.  We will be picking a picture and posting it.  If you who know who it is, let us know.

AND starting next week,  Who Wears This Stuff Wednesday.  We’ll feature a picture and/or a note from the owners of  VM gear.

Are you someone who wears this stuff?  Let us know in the comments below or better yet, send us a picture and you could be featured!

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Have an excellent Friday,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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3 Alternatives to Corsets for under $150

3 Alternatives to Corsets for under $150 (that will make you stand out in a group of wasp waisted beauties)

How’s it going sugar muffin!

Do you love the look of a corset but you aren’t really feeling the boning or the price tag?  I totally get that and I’m here to help.  I’m always looking for alternatives to corsets that maintain my steampunk style while allowing me to move and breathe with ease.

Here are my top three finds from Venus & Mars:


It laces up in the front and has an elastic back.  It hugs your curves while letting you dance or swordfight the night away.  Best part, it’s reversible so two in one.


Velvet, tapestry, high collar and lace up front, mmm.  Think sexed up, less bitchy version of the Queen of Hearts.  You could run a marathon in this sassy little top while maintaining all your fabulousness.  Try doing that in a corset.


All the renaissance jackets are one of a kind, just like you you beautiful snowflake.  They look fantastic over a pair of black skinny pants or leggings with knee high boots.  You’re basically a gender bending Casanova who will make any dude or dudette swoon in your sexy presence.

So there you have it, three inexpensive alternatives to corsets that will make heads turn when you walk by.

Check out how awesome I look in my renaissance jacket below:

renaissance jacket

What’s your favorite alternative to a corset?  Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Gradstravaganza #tbt #2 Godiva Grad Gown Westender


June 11, 1998 the Westender featured an article by Janet Smith about the medieval flare that was trending in grad gowns.  Of course, she went straight to Venus & Mars to talk to designer/ owner Sanne Lambert.


WE982In the article Sanne said “These are the kinds of prom dresses you would have thought of when you were a little girl.”

I couldn’t agree more.  When I was a little girl I was enthralled by King Arthur and as Janet Smith points out “graduates will be going to their prom looking like they just stepped out of Camelot.”

I wish I had known about Venus & Mars when I went to my prom many years ago.  I would have loved to rock a gown.

Actually I think I had repressed some of those feelings because  the first time I walked into Venus & Mars I bought a purple velvet Juliet gown.  It wasn’t for a specific event, it just felt like it was the gown I was meant to have my whole life.

I wanted it. I needed it.  It had to be mine.

I’ve noticed that when grad girls come looking for a gown they experience a similar serendipitous pull.  And when they come out the fitting room you can tell instantly that they have fallen in love.


What are you drawn to in a way that you just can’t explain?  Let us know in the comments below.

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 Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Gradstravaganza (#tbt grad gown)

Happy day before Friday!

It doesn’t matter where we go,  there is always someone who comes up to us to tell us they got their grad GOWN at Venus & Mars.

After nearly 21 years of years of being in business, it’s no surprise that past grads keep finding us everywhere.

Since it is finally sunny and springy (aka grad season) we thought that we would share some PICTURES and THANK YOU NOTES of past grads on this lovely Throwback Thursday.

If you want to check out some of our new gowns you can do that HERE.

Did you get your grad gown or outfit from Venus & Mars? Let us know what it looked like in the comments below.  Or better yet email ( us a picture of your grad gown!

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Until next time,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire