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What do we want? More Corsets! Where do we get them? Venus&Mars!

corset protest

Corset protest

This weeks TBT celebrates, Devon Dale’s (Lady Adventurer for Hire) triumphant return to the kingdom of  Venus&Mars to continue her steampunkery reign!

Here’s she is at our ‘ Corset Protest’ during the Vancouver Winter Olympics in February 2010.

The video below  is a re-release of the original Gothic Olympics Corset Protest which took place during the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

There was a protest going on at Robson Square so we decided to join in. The result was an enjoyable and humorous afternoon about town with our VM Living Mannequins attired in awesome handmade Venus&Mars corsets!

FYI: it’s me (and my husband)  behind the camera with the running commentating.

Love Sanné

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