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Three MORE Things you NEED at a Festival

Three MORE Things you NEED at a Festival

Okay listen up kids, a few weeks ago we discussed Three Things You Need at a Festival. Well, I’ve been thinking and I’m pretty sure I missed a couple of keys things in that list so here we go, Three More Things You Need at a Festival.

Proper Footwear

Riot 12 - Black 12 Hole Buckle BootsYou will probably be spending the majority of the festival on your feet. If you want to dance the night away you should really think about investing in a proper pair of boots. Flip flops, sandals or bare feet may seem like a more appropriate choice but you do run the risk of rolling your ankles and it can be hard on your joints if you don’t have proper support. If you’re barefoot you are putting your poor feet at the mercy of everything that may be on the ground. I know I sound less like Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire and more like Devon Dale: Crazy Over Cautious Grandmother but really think about it. You will not have as much fun if you are in pain.


Eye Protection

goggles manYou only have one set of eyes and you need to take care of them.  They are totally not replaceable… yet. If you are headed to the playa you most definitely need a pair of goggles with a proper seal and UV protection. The dust gets everywhere and you need to do what you can to keep it out of your peepers. But even if you’re not heading to Burning man you need to protect your eyes. I had to Google it but did you know that the sun can cause Cataracts? I sure didn’t. Geeze, I thought that sunglasses were just really cute accessories that made things less bright. They serve a purpose. If you are going to be outside in the sun, you need to get something to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses or goggles are an excellent place to start.

Comfortable Clothing that Keep You Cool

Long Purple Circle Square SkirtListen you’re out there dancing and having a good time. You’re going to look super fly. Is it still cool to say super fly? You need clothing that won’t restrict your awesome dance moves but that will still keep you covered enough to avoid sun burns in unfortunate places. Guys, may I suggest a kilt? You can move and dance while looking rad but you’ll get the full effect of the breeze. Ladies, our circle square skirts and side lace skirts are stretchy and made of cotton so you’ll be able to look cool and feel cool. What more could you ask for?



Have I missed anything in my list?  What do you think are the most important things to have at a festival? Let us know in the comments below.

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