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Who? What? Where? – Steampunk Adventure Fantasy

Steampunk Adventure Fantasy

Who/ What/Where: Steampunk Adventure Fantasy


Sadr Axeness from the Necro Hour is one of our favorite living mannequins ever. If you haven’t seen her videos you should definitely check her out on YouTube. Sadr is constantly hiking through the forest on a quest to find the best shots for her channel. A steampunk adventure fantasy outfit with pants is therefore a perfect option for her. Nothing is worse than hiking through the woods and getting your skirt caught on the underbrush.

This might be the outfit for you, if like Sadr, you have some adventure in blood.


Sadr is wearing the men’s steampunk bondage pants in grey pinstripe with a wine underblouse, white reversible waist cincher, brown tapestry pocket vest and bronze cybersteam goggles on her head.


This is a great outfit for a convention. It’s instantly recognizable as steampunk but it’s comfortable to wear and easy to move around it. You could wear this with flats or heels. If you’re too hot you can remove the waist cincher or vest without ruining the outfit. It’s also great because you could add a bunch of steampunk accessories if you wanted to but you could also get away with traveling to the con without attracting too much attention.

All together, this outfit reads as Steampunk Adventure Fantasy but individually all of the pieces could be integrated into your everyday wardrobe. The pants look great with a graphic tee. The cincher works great over a little black dress. The blouse would like awesome with jeans. The vest is great over a t shirt. The goggles are admittedly a little costumey but they’re also UV400 so you could wear them as sunglasses.

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