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Store Closure and COVID-19

Hey Friends, 

As you may have noticed, we’ve closed the store. It was a difficult decision to make but we ultimately decided that it was the best option for our staff and our customers. If you can, we urge you to stay at home, practice social distancing and practice good hygiene (like washing your hands) until this global pandemic is over. 

As a small business, it is really difficult to be closed for several weeks or months with no notice. We’ve been in business for almost thirty years and we don’t plan on letting something like this stop us. If you would like to support us during these strange times (or if you just need some retail therapy to get you through this anxiety) there are a couple of ways you can help. 

First, you can still shop online. During the time that we are closed, we will be offering free shipping within Canada on our website and our Etsy shop. This is probably the easiest way to support us or to get a cloak right now. 

Second, we are offering appointments for private shopping sessions on limited days. We ask that you schedule your appointment in advance through social media or by emailing us. We reserve the right to deny appointments if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and we trust that you will use your best judgment to decide whether or not you should be leaving the house. 

Third, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share our posts with your friends. Or share pictures of your awesome VM outfits with us! We also accept friendly and encouraging messages or comments. And we love good vibes, we’ll even send you some back. 

Finally, you can support us by getting a kick ass outfit and wearing it to your post-plague parties when this is all over. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing you again. Stay safe, don’t hoard toilet paper and wash your hands. 



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