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Where Do We Come Up With Ideas?

Hi Friends,

We need to start off with a mandatory update. We are still not fully open yet. We’re taking our time because we want to keep our customers and staff safe. Our Express Window is open Tuesday – Saturday from 1pm -4pm for face mask sales, pre-arranged purchases and curbside pickup. We are still offering free shipping within Canada and free shipping for the states for orders over $200. We’re having a SALE on our imported items for up to 50% off. AND there’s a bunch of affiliate codes floating around that you can use for an additional 15% off online purchases. Check out our Instagram for more information.

New Things are Coming!

So the bright side of the Pandemic and being closed is that we’ve had some time to catch up on things that needed to be restocked. Now that’s done, we can make all new awesome things. Sanné started by going through her old patterns and made some super cute slip dresses and baby doll dresses. But now she’s going beyond that and there’s some most excellent items that will be popping up online soon. You might be wondering, where does Sanné come up with her ideas. Let me draw back the curtain and tell you about it.

First, there’s the dreaded list. Every 1- 2 weeks, I make Sanné a list with everything we’re sold out of or that we’re running low on. She then goes through it and decides what we’re going forward with, what needs to be modified, and what we can make based on availability of fabric. 

Second, there’s feedback from customers. Have you ever seen our ladies tails vest? That came about because someone mused that it would be really cool to have a vest with tuxedo tails and we agreed. And thus the tails vest was born.

Third, there’s me. I subtly tell Sanné about things that I wish we made a version of. For example, I was searching for face masks at the start of the pandemic so I may have indicated that I wanted a cool one made out of fabric that would match some of my VM outfits. And now we have over 20 colour options and we’re donating one to health care workers for every mask we sell.

Fourth, there’s Sanné. Sometimes, Sanné sees something that looks cool or has potential but that could be made in a better way. The vegan holster vest came from holster inspiration on Etsy and Pinterest.

Finally, Sanné just dreams up with cool ideas out of nowhere. The underbust holster vest with detachable hood was just something Sanné created out of her head. It’s one of our most unique pieces and versatile pieces.

Hopefully, that gives you a better idea of how some VM came to be. We have a ton of new fabric so keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for new designs! 



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