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Fan Expo Behind the Scenes 2013

Fan Expo Booth 2013


Greetings friends!

At some point we thought to ourselves “We should film us setting up a booth at an event.” So that is exactly what we did last year for Fan Expo.

And then for convenience sake, we sped it up for you so you don’t have to watch 6 hours of us zap strapping gridwall and putting skirts on hangers.

Check out our wicked setup video below.

You may remember our booth looking drastically different if you stopped by in your awesome steampunk cosplay on Sunday last year.

Funny story, on Saturday night after all that hard work, we knocked over everything much to the security guards’ chagrin and we had to completely redo it.

But it was still totally awesome in the end. This year is going to be even more cosplay – tastic! Make sure to come say hi.

What did you wear to Vancouver Fan Expo last year? What are you going to wear this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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All the love,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Fan Expo Cosplay Costume Suggestion #1 Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn Cosplay CostumeInfographic

                                                                                                                                 Greetings nerdlings and geekazoids,

Oh my Steampunk Cosplay!  We are so excited for Vancouver Fan Expo (April 18 – 20, 2014).

You’re probably thinking “But, Devon Dale,  I don’t know what to wear and I don’t want to be the only one without a costume so instead of having fun I’m going to stay home and cry.”

Wait, do not be defeated so easily my cosplay-less friend!  I happen to work at a store full of wonder and awe that can fulfill all your steampunk costume needs!

Fortunately for you, Dan (VM’s on-call ninja) stopped by the store last week and we played dress up – which is totally what all thirty year olds should always in their spare time.

We came up with a bunch of steampunk costumes and cosplay ideas for you.

Today we’d like to show you our version of a Goth Steampunk inspired Harley Quinn.

 As per the infographic above and the video below, I am wearing a BLACK SATIN PEASANT BLOUSE  with a RED WAIST CINCHER on top.  I layered a red tutu with a longer black crinoline for maximum poof on the bottom.  I’m also rocking a pair of black stripes and lace pantyhose and some wicked ass mid calf steampunk boots.

Check in tomorrow to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at con life and check back on Wednesday for another awesome outfit idea. And.. don’t forget to share this article with a friend and/or comment below.

Peace out,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Gradstravaganza (#tbt grad gown)

Happy day before Friday!

It doesn’t matter where we go,  there is always someone who comes up to us to tell us they got their grad GOWN at Venus & Mars.

After nearly 21 years of years of being in business, it’s no surprise that past grads keep finding us everywhere.

Since it is finally sunny and springy (aka grad season) we thought that we would share some PICTURES and THANK YOU NOTES of past grads on this lovely Throwback Thursday.

If you want to check out some of our new gowns you can do that HERE.

Did you get your grad gown or outfit from Venus & Mars? Let us know what it looked like in the comments below.  Or better yet email ( us a picture of your grad gown!

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Until next time,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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I love Xena: Warrior Princess (VM Corset Choker Blog)

Confession time. I really love Xena Warrior Princess. But really how could you not love a totally hot babe in a wicked leather outfit kicking ass?

Xena has a tremendous impact on what I choose to put on my body and as a result I tend to impulse buy things that remind me of her wardrobe. LEATHER CORSET WAISTBELT? KNEE HIGH LACE UP BOOTS? Duh. Must haves, they’re basically armour.

So I may have become overly excited when we finished the LEATHER CORSET CHOKERS. I mean it’s armour for your neck. Eat your heart out Lucy Lawless.

They lace up in the front (which means the size is adjustable) and clip in the back (which means they aren’t a bitch to put on). One side is leather and the other side is tapestry so they’re reversible. And also if I haven’t been clear it super sexy armor for your neck.

I tried on the WINE LEATHER CORSET CHOKER and I was ready to fight demons, Gods, and evil men. Come to think of it, they also look pretty bad ass for a Steampunk Time Travel Outfit… hmmm…

Do you have a 90’s TV show that influences your life? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

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Ass kickingly yours,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire

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Everything Old is New Again: The Queen Anne Corselet is back!

I came across an article called “Old-world corsets and gowns define a modern romantic chic” by Mary Frances Hill featured in the Westender in October, 2000.  That’s like before smart phones so people still had to use newspapers. You can see it here. I had to scan it btw.

Mary highlights two hot new designers and their shops, Heidi Schmidt from New World (holla) and Sanne Lambert from Venus & Mars (duh). She goes out of her way to praise lace up bodices and Queen Anne collars.

Where am I going with this?

Well, we just made a hot, new fresh batch of wicked sexy QUEEN ANNE CORSELETS (lace up bodices with Queen Anne collars – see what I did there?) and you absolutely need one.  Devon’s Super Awesome Wardrobe of VM has three so far but I’m totally going to get myself a fourth one because now they come in purple.

These things NEVER go out of style.  They look equally awesome with jeans or crinolines or skirts.  You can dress them up or dress them down but ultimately you will look super sexy regardless and they are as comfortable as wearing a tshirt. You need one.  What are you waiting for?

Check out some vintage VM QUEEN ANNE CORSELETS in the video below.

Do you have something in your wardrobe that you have been able to rock for 14 years?  What is it? Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time,

Devon Dale: Lady Adventurer for Hire