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Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas!

This weeks #throwbackthursday is a poster we did for #Christmas 2006. We were really into #angels for awhile and this is part of a series of angels and #GiveThemWhatTheyWant posters. It seems timely…

The photographer was #RockerChickCheri and the location is the west alley between Cordova St. and Hastings just around the corner from VM’s flagship location. There’s lots of great graffiti there. Check it out  sometime if you want.

I’ve been reminding myself to just chill this season as I can feel overwhelmed. Most important to me is the people in my life and being together at this time of year

There’s people living in the skytrain station and that’s distressing, but as Canadians, they’re better off than the refugees.  Life is good.


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#ThrowBackThursday December 15, 2016 A Gothic Galatic Christmas

throwbackthursday#ThrowBackThursday for December 15, 2016  A Gothic Galatic Christmas

This weeks #tbt is about a gig and fashion show that we did at the pic pub on December 17, 2005. It was featured in the Georgia Staight’s Style Watch. If you look closely, you can see me and my strat rawking out in the background.

A gothic, galactic Christmas: an evening with renaissance woman Sanne Lambert and friends

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Jamie’s Wedding Shirt

Jamie’s Wedding Shirt


Have you ever seen the show Outlander?

The premise is WWII nurse meets 18th century Jacobite kilt wearing hottie and is forced into marriage with him in order to avoid torture from her 20th century husband’s ancestor.

Bigamy and kilts, what could be better, right?

I was totally addicted to the series this summer and so you can image my dismay and distraught when I realized the mid series break  will last 7 months!

Who does this?

Anyhooo, to appease my jonesing I was compelled to create the shirt worn by Jamie on his wedding night.

Now your man can look as hot as Jamie.

You’re Welcome.

Pair with one of our VM Kilts, Miltary Frock Coats and Steampunk Pocket Vests and presto! bango! you’ll have one hot bf on your hands.

What’s your favorite Outlander outfit? Let us know in the comments below.

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Good Day!


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Black Cotton & Vegan Leather Military Frock Coat


Good Day Gentlemen (and the ladies who love them),

I would like to bring your attention to the VM signature MILITARY FROCK COAT. This is a timeless and versatile piece that can be taken to the office for that Goth Business Casual look or worn for more illustrious occasions such as weddings, prom or just because you look hot in it. (right, ladies?)

Anyhooo.. the reason I’m bringing it up is I just made a new batch of these beauties in Carmel and Chocolate Brown Jacquard and they’re going fast. It’s all about the fit  with these. So you need to get your butt down to VM (324 W. Hastings) and slip into one.

After all, I only make what I want to see you wearing!

IHS (I have spoken),


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Gay Bride Day! A Pride #ThrowBackThursday

Gay Bride Day! A Pride #ThrowBackThursday…

The following is an article that first appeared in The Georgia Straight on July 29, 1999 to celebrate Pride. The gowns featured are designed by Sanné Lambert (that’s me) for Venus&Mars Clothing. 1999 was the year the world was supposed to end. I think it was something to do with the computers not being able to reset themselves and therefor we were all supposed to explode. It was a big deal at the time. Apparently so was gay marriage. I’m glad we’re able to take these things for granted now…

Gay Bride Day

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Do you have any end of the world stories from 1999? Share it in the comments below.

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Have a Happy Pride!

I have spoken,