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Booty Shorts, Stockings and Petticoats on SALE

Hi friends,

We hope you’re doing well and that as things are opening you’re doing what you can to stay safe. We’re continuing with our Express Window (Tuesday – Saturday from 1-4pm) for curbside pickup, face mask sales, and pre-arranged sales. We’ve had a couple questions about the pre-arranged sales. Basically, if there is something you want on the website but you need to see it in person or if you remember something from the store but you don’t see it online, you can send us a DM or contact us and we’ll set the item aside for you to come check out in person. 

We know that there are some things that you just absolutely need to try on so we’re also offering private shopping appointments.Contact us to book an appointment. We may ask that you wear a mask or gloves when you are shopping. We also ask that you do not book an appointment if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID. We reserve the right to refuse appointments if we do not feel safe. 99.99% of you are super awesome and we can’t wait to see you but we need to have those boundaries in place.

And now for the fun stuff. We’ve added more stuff to our sale! We are continuing our quest to transition to all handmade clothing in the store and you guys seem to like our sale so we’ve added some more. All our Music Legs hosiery and clothing is on sale for 25% off! Now is the time to stock up on stockings, booty shorts, and petticoats. Burners, cosplayers, goths take this opportunity to fill up your tickle trunks.

On a side note, in support of Black Lives Matter and as a way to amplify black voices on social media, we’re muting our social media until June 7. We’ll still be monitoring our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for your DMs and comments. If you need to get in touch with us, you can still send us a message but we won’t be posting anything.

Stay Safe,

Venus & Mars

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We’re Trying Something New…


Hi Friends,

We hope you’re doing well. We are not doing so great. Well, I shouldn’t say that. We are healthy and our families are doing well. We really appreciate your support and we can’t stress how grateful we are for everyone who has purchased a face mask or hosiery or some of our handmade clothing. But the reality is that our online orders don’t compare our revenue if we were open and it doesn’t cover our rent. Don’t worry, we’re not giving up and we’re not even thinking about closing. We’re just trying to come up with new ideas to get our brand out there and hopefully generate some more online sales while we ride out the pandemic.

Traditional advertising has never really worked for us. You can’t see a corset in a radio ad and you can’t feel how awesome you look in a cloak in a newspaper ad. What has worked for us is getting to interact directly with you. Whether it was through our guerilla marketing corset protests during the 2010 Olympics, impromptu fashion shows on the streets of Gastown or having a booth at Fan Expo or Pride, our most successful advertising campaigns are when we get to talk face to face with you lovely people. But we can’t really do that right now…. Or can we?

We would like to try affiliate marketing. Here’s how it works: You, yes you, get a personalized discount code to share with your friends. That code will give them 15% off an online purchase. There’s no restrictions on what they can buy (except gift cards). For every purchase made with your discount code, we’ll give you $5 in store credit that you can use online or in store (once we re-open again). We’ll keep track of everything and give you updates on your balance. You can post it all over your social media. We’ll your posts to our stories on Instagram to help boost your signal. It doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 followers or 5 followers, all we care about is that you’re a fan of the store. 

So for example, Kassi has the code gothic.ginger. Kassi posted some awesome pictures of herself wearing some cool stuff from the store with her discount code in the description to let people know what’s up. Now if you or anyone else uses the very real code gothic.ginger then you will get 15% off your online order and Kassi will get $5 in store credit. Interested? Direct message us through Instagram and we’ll get you set up with a code. 

On to something completely different. We donated our first batch of Face Masks to Abbotsford Hospital (for every mask purchased, we’re donating one). Here’s a picture of some happy healthcare workers in their new VM masks!

ABH - Face Mask

We love seeing pictures of you in your Venus & Mars stuff. We miss all your lovely faces.  Please keep sending them to us through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! Do you know someone who would be interested in having their own affiliate code for the store? Direct them to the website! Thanks!

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The Definitive Venus & Mars Holiday Gift Guide

The Definitive Venus & Mars Holiday Gift Guide

Hey guys it’s December! Christmas will be here before you know it. Have you started your shopping yet? It can be super stressful to go to the mall so we’ve come up with a Holiday Gift Guide to help you shop for the lovable weirdo in your life. All the items are available online or in store.

Gift Suggestion under $150 – Cloaks

Baby, it’s cold outside. Nothing will warm you up like a cloak with a generous hood. Clothing can be difficult to buy for other people but our cloaks are one size and fit all kinds of different shapes and sizes. As an added bonus, most people don’t own a good  quality cloak so you’ll be getting something they probably don’t have. It’s the perfect present for cosplayers, LARPers or someone who loves fantasy.

Gift Suggestion under $100 – Pocket Belts

What could be better than giving the gift of pockets? Everyone has stuff but not everyone has somewhere to put it. Pocket Belts are great for festivals, conventions or everyday life. They make a great present for your friend who always asks you to hold their wallet or keys.

Gift Suggestion under $50 – Goggles

What does everyone want to try on in the store? Goggles. Goggles are a bit like cloaks, almost no one has one but almost everyone likes them. They’re great for keeping the dust out of your eyes at Burning Man or as an accessory in your steampunk outfit. Goggles are the ultimate thing to give friends who go to festivals.

Gift Suggestion under $25 – Gift Card

Got a friend or relative who is a bit quirky but also super picky?  Don’t worry, we have gift cards. It’s nice to get someone a thoughtful present but sometimes the most thoughtful thing you can do is to let your friend pick their own gift. GCs are available in any amount over $25. GCs are great presents for anyone who always asks for the receipt.

Need more gift inspiration? Check out @venusandmarsclothing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We post (almost) everyday. If you would like to be featured on our social media use the hashtag #venusandmarsclothing. Want 15% off your first online order? Sign up for the Steampunk Tempest below.

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Boxing Day Sale!

boxing day

Happy Holidays Everyone!

First of all, if you’re not finished you’re Christmas shopping yet, don’t despair. We will be open 11-5 on Sunday December 23, 2018 and 11-5 on Monday December 24, 2018 for all your last minute gifts. If you don’t know what to get but you know your person loves the store remember that a gift card will always fit! We will be closed Tuesday December 25, 2018.

Now for the good stuff! Wednesday December 26, 2018 we will be open from 11-7 and everything in the store will be on sale (except items on consignment from local artists). Regular prices items will be on sale for 20% off! Gowns are on sale for $149! Clearance items will be on sale for $25! Our boxing day sale will only be on for December 26, 2018 so make sure you get down to the shop to check it out. We will not be doing any exchanges on December 26, 2018.

But wait! What if you’re out of town or you can’t make it to the shop? Don’t worry, we got you. You can use the discount code BOXINGDAY20 to get 20% off everything online! It will only be valid on December 26, 2018 so make sure you log on to snag a deal!

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More Christmas Gifts (for less than $50)

We’re officially 3 weeks away from Christmas. By now the tree is decorated, the lights are up and you might be starting to freak out about last minute Christmas gifts. It’s okay, deep breaths, we are here to help you figure it out. So sit down, grab some eggnog and sugar cookies because we have our top three unisex gift ideas for under $50. To make things even easier, these are all available online as well as in store so you can shop however you’d like.

Pocket Belts

Give your loved ones the gift of not having to carry a purse or backpack. Pocket Belts let you carry your valuables (keys, phone, wallet, ID) securely without inhibiting your mobility. They are also super stylish and go with any outfit. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to travel, go to festivals or busy parents.

grey faux fur wrist wallet

Wrist Wallets

Got a friend with a wild side? Do they remind you of viking or amazon? Then a faux fur wrist wallet might be the way to go. Faux Fur Wrist Wallets are made of super soft pettable faux fur and are available in white, grey and tan. They lace up which makes the size adjustable. Their small, zippered pocket is just big enough to hold ID, cash and a couple of keys. Perfect for going out dancing! Get it for your friend in the fetish community, ravers, or just people who don’t like to carry stuff.

Gift Cards

We all have that one friend who is impossible to shop for. Their tastes are too eccentric to anticipate what they need or want. Or maybe you have a friend that’s got a huge tickle trunk and you just have no idea what’s in there. For those hard to shop for friends, we suggest a gift card. Let them pick out something they really want or need. If you feel like a GC is too impersonal then make it an event. Pick a day and make up an itinerary. Go for lunch at Meat and Bread, followed by shopping at Venus & Mars and end the day with a treat from Pure Bread. What could be more fun than spending an afternoon eating yummy food and shopping at cool stores?