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Tarot Card of the Month: Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of fortune

Hi friends, 

Happy Monday. 2020 is a weird year. When I’m feeling weird, I like to check in by doing a quick Tarot reading so I thought I’d pick a card for the shop for the month of July. I don’t think of reading cards as being a set-in-stone truth but I do find it’s a really fun and useful tool to gauge how I’m feeling. For example, if everything feels out of control and I draw the Tower card, then I use it as a reminder that sometimes you need to make space for new experiences by removing unhelpful beliefs that you have in place. If everything is going great and I draw the Tower card, I might feel defensive about it because everything is going well. If that’s the case then I take a step back and ask myself why I’m feeling that way. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Tarot is a tool that I use for self examination. Drawing a ‘good’ card doesn’t automatically mean good will happen. Drawing a ‘bad’ card doesn’t automatically mean that everything is going to hell. You get to make choices that decide the outcoming of your life. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun part. 

July’s Card: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is generally depicted as a large wheel. When it is upright, it is a reminder that fortune is always turning. Some days you’re up and some days you’re down. Life is constant change so cherish the good times and keep in mind that nothing is forever when you are going through a rough spot. It is also often referred to as the wheel of karma. So treat others the way you want to be treated. If you treat people with kindness then you’ll find kindness returned to you. When you treat people poorly, you’ll find a lack of support.

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, it still serves as a reminder that life is constantly changing but it indicates that the change might be for the worst. You can do nothing and accept whatever is coming or you can take responsibility for your actions and try your best to improve the situation. It can also imply that you are resistant to change and it’s time to examine your habits to see which ones are helping you and which ones are hurting you. 

How does that apply to the store? 

At the start of 2020, we were having a great year. We had the best January and February we’ve ever had and we were setting ourselves up to have the best March ever too. And then there was a global pandemic and all non-essential businesses were asked to close to help flatten the curve. We went from the top of the wheel to the bottom.

We brainstormed and opened ourselves up to changes that we were not open to before. The first change was offering free shipping for Canadian orders. Shipping can be expensive but our only option was to sell online so we took the leap. The next change was making face masks. People had been asking for them for Burning Man but we were so sold out of stuff all the time that we didn’t have the opportunity to develop them until we were forced to be closed. Both changes resulted in sales. Sales meant that we could pay the rent and stay in business. Since then, every step we are taking is making the wheel turn a little more in our favour. We’re not back on top yet but we’re slowly moving up.

What does that apply to you?

Here are some thing the Wheel of Fortune card is asking you to keep in mind:

  1. Everything is temporary. 
  2. Enjoy and hold on to good moments in your life.
  3. If you’re faced with a difficult situation, be open to change and new ideas.
  4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  5. Wear a mask and keep 2 meters apart when you have to go into public spaces.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. It means the world to us. If you want to keep up to date on what we’re up to, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We also want your feedback, if you have time review us on Google. It helps new people find us and it lets us know how we can improve.

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Why 2020 being a Trash Fire is a Good Thing

Hi Friends,

I hope you’re doing well. I started writing this blog as an update  and I ended up writing about something completely different. I’m about to go on a little rant about 2020 and Tarot. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, please feel free to skip to the bulleted list at the end for some updates and general information. I will not be offended. 

 If you’re still here, strap in, we’re going on a journey. Does anyone else feel like 2020 drew the Tower Card? If you’re unfamiliar with Tarot, the Tower card usually depicts a tower in flames, lightning, and people falling to their death. I don’t believe that there are any bad cards in Tarot but there are a couple of cards that indicate that uncomfortable stuff is happening or about to happen in your life and the Tower is one of them.

Broadly speaking, when The Tower is upright it means sudden change, chaos, upheaval, revelation and awakening. When the Tower is reversed it means personal transformation, fear of change, and averting disaster. It feels like 2020 drew the upright Tower and all of us as individuals have drawn the reverse tower. Shit has hit the fan and big changes are coming. So much good change is going to happen because of 2020 but living through it sucks. Australia was on fire, we almost had World War 3, there was a global pandemic, and systemic racism/ police brutality hit a boiling point. And it’s only JUNE. We still have 6 more months to get through. It’s pretty easy to fall into a spiral of hopelessness right now.

The Tower card is a scary. You’ve been comfortable living in your gorgeous tower, living life to the fullest. Maybe you have been so comfortable in your tower that you didn’t notice that the roof leaks, that it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, and that it’s built on a  bad foundation. One day, lightning strikes and it illuminates all the flaws in your tower. Once you start to notice the flaws, your tower starts to crumble. That sucks. The tower was your home and now you have nowhere to live. Life has become uncomfortable and hard. It’s super easy to fall into the thinking that things will always be uncomfortable and hard. But you have to look at the silver lining. You can rebuild your tower and it will be stronger than ever. I mean it’s going to feel awful for a while but the suffering will be temporary and you’ll be so much better off in the long run.

The upright Tower deals with external chaos and change. There’s a lot of that going on right now. The reverse Tower deals with internal chaos and change. You might not want to deal with internal stuff right now because 2020 is a trash fire.  We need to prioritize coming together  as a community and make significant changes to the systems we have in place. That’s totally true but on an individual level it’s important to look within to see what changes need to occur in your head and in your heart. It might be time to let the tower within you crumble so that you can build a better one. It’s hard work. Make changes. Try to be kind to yourself through the process and take care. Maybe get some ice cream.

That’s just what I’ve been thinking about lately. I didn’t mean to write that though. I wanted to give you some important information about the store… oh well, here it is in point form:

  • Express window is open Tuesday – Saturday from 1pm – 4pm for mask sales, pre-arranged purchases and curbside pickup
  • We are taking private one on one shopping appointments in store. Contact us to book yours. We may ask you to wear a mask and/ or sanitize your hands. Please do not book an appointment if you have COVID symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has COVID in the past 14 days. We reserve the right to refuse appointments if we don’t think it’s safe.
  • We are having a 50% off sale on imported items! Corsets, waist cinchers, skirts, and jackets are all less than $100! The sale is offered online and in store.
  • We restocked some Face Masks. We are continuing to make them in house and we are donating one to health care workers for every mask sold.
  • There’s new summer dresses and faux fur festival hoods available online and in store.

If your year was a Tarot card what would it be? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Stay safe. Be fabulous.



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Three Easy Ways to Prevent Global Pandemic 2.0

Hi Friends,

We haven’t made a concrete decision regarding when we’re going to be open again but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. In the meantime, we are going to continue to offer curbside pick and mask sales at our express window Monday – Friday from 1:30 – 3:30. Monday May 18, we will be closed for Victoria Day. We’re also continuing to offer free shipping within Canada if you order online. As businesses start to reopen, I think it’s important to remember that we’re not completely out of the woods yet and that if we don’t take the right precautions, things could go badly again.

First, you should continue to wash your hands and try to keep yourself from touching your face. Soap and water will clean the virus off your hands so that you don’t spread it to yourself or others. Touching your face is basically like eating a Corona pizza if you have the virus on your hands. 

Second, continue to social distance. Stay 6 feet away from people. Give strangers a wide berth on the street and in the supermarket. COVID-19 doesn’t always show symptoms so avoiding being in close contact with people keeps them from giving it to you and keeps you from giving it to them if you have it and you don’t know it. Whenever you can, stay home.

Third, you might want to get a face mask or something else to cover your mouth with. Hospitals and medical professionals need medical grade and N95 masks more than you do. But using a cloth mask of at least 2 layers will keep you from spreading Corona to others if you have it and you aren’t exhibiting signs. It is also a helpful reminder not to touch your face while you’re wearing one. As much as possible you want to avoid touching anything except the ear straps. As an added bonus, wearing a face mask also shows the people around you that you are being aware and respectful. We have lots of different colours of face masks available, if you want to look cute and be safe but we also have our 3 in 1 tube scarves, veils and bandanas. We are continuing to donate a mask to health care workers for every mask we sell. Whether you get a mask from us or from somewhere else the most effective ones are going to be double layered, breathable and washable. 

What do you think about shops reopening? Do you feel like it’s the right time? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Stay safe! We can’t wait to see you again.

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What Should We Do? When Should We Open?

Vm open

Hi Friends,

It looks like a lot of businesses are reopening. Restaurants in BC will be operating at a limited capacity again as of May 19. It leaves us with a very important question, when should we reopen and how should we do it? Like a lot of you, we want everything to go back to normal but normal might not be normal anymore. Ultimately, whatever the new normal is,  we want to make sure that we’re keeping you and our staff safe.

Last week, we announced that we were doing an express window. Thank you so much to everyone who came to the store and made a purchase. We’re going to continue doing that for now. We’re offering local pickup for online orders and pre-arranged purchases as well as sales of masks and other protective items. Online shopping will also remain available with free shipping within Canada. But what should our next step be and when do we do it?

We’re considering that for our first stage of being open we limit customers to one or two people in the shop at a time. We would probably ask that you wear some kind of protective gear like a mask or a bandana and ask that you sanitize your hands before looking around. Would that put you off shopping or would you be glad that we’re taking precautionary measures? Which brings us to when that should happen.

When would you like us to reopen? Should we aim to be open when the restaurants reopen? Should we wait longer or be open soonWhen would you like us to be open? Should we aim to be open when the restaurants reopen? Should we wait longer or be open sooner? We don’t want to rush things but if we’re being honest, it’s been really tough to be closed. All of your online orders and support has been amazing and we appreciate it so much but it’s still been really difficult. So we would love to hear from you and find out what you’re comfortable with and try to make it work in a safe way.

Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and let us know what you think.

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Time Travel with Devon through Video

new west store video

Hi friends,

Devon here. I’m the manager of Venus & Mars. I’ve been with the shop for (almost) 12 years. If you frequent the shop, found us at an event, or have interacted with us on social media then you’ve probably talked to ma at some point. I also write these newsletters/ blogs. During the Pandemic, I have been trying to keep in touch with all you lovely people twice a week because we miss you and we want to let you know that we’re not going anywhere. But today, I feel like I have just run out of ideas and I don’t know what to tell you about. I mean there’s only so many words I can write about Face Masks and How to Dress for a Pandemic. And then it hit me. You probably need entertainment. I know I do. So I went through our old YouTube videos and found a few that I thought you might enjoy watching. 

This is a tour of our old store in New West. Way back in the early 2000s, we did a lot of alternative prom and bridal gowns. We were so busy that we had to open a second location in New West on Columbia street. This video is from October 2009. You can see all the gorgeous fantasy gowns that people would wear for special occasions. 

This is a tour of our flagship store on Cambie Street in Gastown. We moved to our current location in November 2012. This shop was a little bit smaller and a little bit edgier than our New West location. Behind the counter, you can see steps that lead up to the loft. Sanne had her studio up there. She would accidently frighten customers by yelling stuff down to me when they didn’t know she was up there. 

This video is a tour of our current location at 324 West Hastings Street. The Necro Hour made this for us 2 years ago. She has been a friend of the store for over a decade. If you follow us on social media, you’ve probably seen lots of pictures of her as she models for us frequently. In fact, you can use her affiliate code, thenecrohour to get 15% off online purchases (free shipping within Canada).

As an added bonus, here’s a very old video of The Necro Hour telling me a ghost story about the New West store while I cackle in the background.

I hope this entertained and distracted you briefly. We’re looking forward to when things go back to normalish so we can see all your lovely faces again. What are you wearing right now? Show us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!