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How To Be Pandemic Chic

Pandemic Chic Face Mask

Hi Friends,

We are still closed. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shopped online this week. Every single order is helping us get through these crazy times and we really appreciate your support. THANK YOU! Free shipping is still available in Canada if you want to support your local Goth/ Steampunk shop. We’ve added bowties, cravats, and suspenders to the website this week so if you want to look dapper, we’ve got you covered. Speaking of looking good, we’ve also added some great stuff to help you look pandemic chic if you have to venture out of isolation.

We know that your outfit is probably not your first thought when you have to go out into the apocalypse but who says you can’t look good while taking care of yourself. We’re not saying you should necessarily go full Resident Evil fashion but a pocket belt can come in handy to carry your hand sanitizer. Goggles can protect your eyes and if you get really weird ones, they have the added bonus of making people keep their distance. Bandanas are machine washable which makes me an eco-friendly thing to cough into. If only we had something cool to cover your nose and mouth…

Good news, we made face masks! They’re washable, reversible and made out of the coolest upcycled fabric. Fashion and function can co-exist. Are they medical grade surgical masks? No. Will they offer you some protection while making you look super cool? Heck, yes. We make the masks out of leftover fabric which means you can get a face mask that matches your favorite skirt or corset or waistcoat. How cool is that?

We’ll be adding more and more inexpensive items to the website as the week progresses so be sure to check things out if you have the chance. If you can’t support us financially but you still want to help, it would be great if you could follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or if you could forward this email or share our website with a friend.


Venus & Mars

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Hosiery and Help

hosiery and help

Hey friends,

We hope you’re doing well in this tough time. Isolation can be really hard. It’s important that you do what you can to maintain your well being. For some people that might mean that you establish a routine that you stick to everyday, for others it might mean that you exercise regularly, and for some it might mean drinking wine in the bath. Whatever you need to do during this time to stay okay, we support you and we’ll get through it together.

The store is not doing super okay. Our bills are piling up and we don’t have the income we’re used to when the store is open. We need support if we want to stay in our current location and keep our staff. Right now, it’s difficult for anyone to spend money, especially with so many people being laid off and uncertainty of when things will go back to the way it was. So we’re making some changes to the website. Normally, we try to focus on our handmade stuff online but most people can’t afford a new waist cincher or cloak right now so we’re expanding to offer things that are a little bit more affordable.

This week we’ve added hosiery. All of our pantyhose, thigh high stockings, knee highs and leg wraps are up and available for order. We have a variety of styles and colours, and it’s all under $25. We’re still offering free shipping within Canada so if you can get some fancy new legs for less than $30! Isolation will still be hard, the news will still be depressing but you can feel a little more fabulous watching Tiger King in pink cheetah print tights. And you’ll be helping to support a local, small business.

We’ll be adding more and more inexpensive items to the website as the week progresses so be sure to check things out if you have the chance. You can also follow us on Instagram where we will be posting different things from the shop that are available for purchase over the phone. If you can’t support us financially but you still want to help, it would be great if you could follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or if you could forward this email or share our website with a friend. 

Thank you so much and stay safe,

Venus & Mars

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Halloween Steampunk Costume Suggestions!

steampunk halloween costume

Oh my gosh it’s almost October.  Do you know what that means? Do you? It means it’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right it’s just about Halloween month! It’s the holiday of our people: the spooky people. There’s going to pumpkins everywhere and skeletons and little bat friends. What’s not to love? In addition to all the spooky awesome, we also get to dress up in costumes! I’m so pumped I can barely contain myself.

October also means we’ll have a ton of people looking for steampunk costumes so I thought I’d jump the gun a bit and post some Halloween Steampunk outfit ideas to get October started right.

brown steampunk halloweenClassic Steampunk

So I think when most people think of Steampunk they think of three things: goggles, gears and the colour brown. This super cute steampunk outfit hits all those notes. I really like this look because it’s monochromatic but still interesting to look at. Ivette is wearing a brown satin peasant blouse with a brown reversible waist cincher, a brown lace circle square skirt and, a steampunk bustle pocket belt. We added a brown derby hat with bronze cybersteam goggles on top and black glovets and a choker to balance some of the black in the pocket belt. It’s a little Victorian, a little bit western and definitely ready for adventure. You’ll be immediately recognizable as steampunk in this outfit and you’ll be so much more unique than someone who bought a bagged costume.

Steampunk Watch Makersteampunk peter halloween

This dapper steampunk look may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of steampunk but it is just as steamy. The uniqueness and unexpected all black look makes it interesting. Peter is wearing a military frock coat with a black ruffle poet shirt. We added a pair of round spectacles and a pocket watch to give him a little bit more a nerdy, elegant look. We suggest pairing these items with a pair of black bondage pants, a black pocket vest and a pair of boots. You’ll be the classiest person in the room in this costume regardless of where your end up going.

Out of the Box Steampunk Mage

If you really want to try something out of the box then why not make your version of a steampunk mage? Ivette is wearing a pair of sleeves with a black bandeau, a wine waist cincher, a multipoint pocket belt and satin princess skirt. We kept the accessories pretty simple with a pair of red spectacles and a leather corset choker. This is a show stopping look.  I guarantee that no one will look as cool as you in an outfit like this. It may not be instantly recognizable as a character or traditional Halloween costume but everyone will recognize that you have the coolest costume in the room.

So there’s three Halloween Steampunk outfit suggestions for you. Which one is your favourite? What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below.

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Back to Cool (How to Express your Individuality with a Dress Code)

Going back to school can be a bummer. Luckily there is a shining beacon of hope: Back to School Shopping! You can get awesome, new, fabulous outfits that lets you express your individuality. Sometimes navigating school dress codes can be tricky. Don’t worry, I have your back and I have come up with some different levels of outfits to test the boundaries of your school’s dress code.

Level One:

Try a purple plaid kilt skirt with a purple velvet tank, a lace up crop and a black pocket belt for a super sassy back to school look. There is nothing more luxurious than wearing velvet. When you’re stuck at your desk, watching the minutes tick by you can feel like royalty. The lace up crop shrug lets you hide your bra straps (if that is an issue at your school) while still being a little risque and sexy with the lace up in the front. The pocket belt lets you carry all your important things like your wallet, keys, phone, pens and pencils so you can carry your books. Bonus, you don’t have to worry about lugging around a backpack!

Level Two:

If you managed to sneak past the authorities in the first outfit then you can crank up the intensity with a kilt pin skirt, Queen Anne Corsetlet, and black velvet shrug. The kilt pin skirt is longer in the back so you don’t have to worry about it being too short to wear at school. The Queen Anne Corsetlet has the look of a corset with the laceup front. The velvet shrug will hide any bra straps and cover the shoulders.

Level Three:

If you’re feeling daring then you should try a peasant blouse with a waist cincher, vest and a kilt pin skirt. The peasant blouse will cover up enough for school. The waist cincher might not be dress code but since it’s an under the bust it does not give the same oomph that a corset. It might just sneak under the radar. If you do get in trouble, just button up the vest and problem solved.

What you planning to get for your back to school wardrobe this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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Venus & Mars Summer Re-Cap

Holy smokes, the summer of 2017 has been so busy! I swear I only closed my eyes for a second and all of a sudden we were at the end of August. How did that happen? I guess to figure that out we have to think way back to the end of spring.


I don’t know why but this year has been the year of the steampunk wedding.  We got to help so many awesome couples steampunk their outfits for their unique celebrations. From costume party dinner cruises to three day long festival themed wedding extravaganzas, we got to sprinkle a little Venus & Mars fairy dust on some very rad people.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your day!

Towards the end of June, we also got to vend at East Side Pride for the first time ever. It was a super busy day full of excellent drag performances and musical numbers. We saw a couple familiar faces and met some new friends.



July was all about Bass Coast. We had silver things and galaxy leggings and leg wraps as far as the eye could see for the space theme this year. It was super fun to dress people up in sci fi futuristic outfits.

In mid July, we returned to Vancouver Folk Festival to vend after a five year hiatus. I can’t for the life of me figure out why we waited so long to go back! The music was awesome and the people were super friendly. I got a little bit sunburned on my face but all in all it was totally worth it to go back.


August so far is all Burning Man and Oregon Eclipse. We seen a lot of familiar faces for Burning Man but we’ve also had a ton of people who are new to the Burn and new to Venus & Mars. Goggles, Pocket Belts, Boots, Cloaks and Tutus have been flying off the racks.

We also lost our minds and did three events this month.  Two of those events were on the same weekend. We started the month with Anime Revolution (shout out to all our cosplay friends) and then we did the Pride Festival on Sunset Beach. Just this weekend Sanne went to Langley and worked at Arts Alive.

Looking back, it’s no wonder our summer flew by. We got to do so many cool events and make new friends in the shop.

What did you get up to this summer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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