Men’s Kilt – Brown Vegan Leather


  • Handmade item
  • Ships to north America
  • International Shipping available upon request


Handmade Brown Vegan Leather Men’s Kilt 22.5 ” total length. 10 top stitched pleats. 4 belt loops with d-rings. Includes authentic kilt pin.

Check out the 360 degree view of the brown vegan leather Men’s Kilt:

Here are my top three reasons why kilts are the BEST:

KILTS are manlier/ sexier than motor oil and beards.  Just ask the Spartans and the Scots. I mean think about it. Chances are the last man you saw in a kilt was either decked out in traditional gear (hot!) or he was a bearded man with 20 hole boots and lots of tattoos (hotter!). It takes a certain amount of confidence to go against social norms. When you see a guy in a kilt you know that he is secure with himself.  What could be sexier than that?

KILTS keep you cooler than shorts. If you live in Vancouver you’ve been enjoying this sunny weather since mid May.  And you know that it will only get hotter as the summer progresses. Shorts are great and all but kilts have the advantage. All you need is a little breeze and then BOOM you have your own personal AC on your lower half.

KILTS go with everything.  Got a wedding? Wear a kilt. Going to a festival? Kilt. Gotta grab some groceries? Kilt. Kilts look great with a t-shirt and a pair of converse runners for a casual look.  Wear a plaid shirt and hiking boots with your kilt if you’re camping.  If you have a formal affair try a kilt with a poet shirt, vest and some boots.  Kilts are super handy for fetish events. Just add a skinny tee and guy liner and you’re ready to go.

Well there you have it.  If you’re still not convinced that Kilts are amazing then you have no choice but to head down to the store and try a couple on.

Additional information

Mens Size

SMALL – 28/30, MEDIUM – 32/34, LARGE- 36/38, XLARGE – 40/42, XXLARGE – 44/46