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Do you know what you want to be for Halloween? Shopping at Halloween pop up shops can be such a drag. Sexy nurse, sexy school girl, sexy crossing guard… I mean where are all the unique costumes? Don’t fret, I’ve got one for you. How about dressing up like an awesome Vampire?

Inspired by Interview with a Vampire, this Halloween outfit is made up of a cloak, contacts, Dracula Fangs, glovets and *.  All  you need to add is your best Bella Lugosi accents, a black dress or black pants and a black shirt and you’re ready to go.

Unlike a bagged costume, all the pieces in this outfit can be used in your everyday life. Wear the cloak to stay cozy in the winter or to fancy up an outfit when you’re going out. Try the contacts and/ or fangs to wig out your coworkers on a random Tuesday.  Use your glovets to spruce up any outfit. Stand out this Halloween in an unique Halloween outfit made up of handmade, quality pieces that you can wear 365 days per year instead of just once a year.

All of the products listed are one size fits all.

Like all of the Venus & Mars products, the cloak and glovets are handmade locally in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. They are designed by Sanné in the Venus&Mars shop located in the heart of Gastown.

What are you waiting for? Add the Unisex Vampire Accessories to your cart immediately if you want the ultimate costume this Halloween.


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