Victorian Sleeves – Red Lace


  • Handmade item
  • Ships from Canada within North America
  • Worldwide Shipping Available on Request


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Victorian Sleeves – Red Lace

  • Black stretch tricot
  • Elastic shoulders
  • Perfect for a Corset
  • One Size

Hand wash, hang to dry

Model is wearing the fishnet tank top with the tan tartan kilt skirt.

¾ length sleeve, One Size

Want a bit of coverage for your arms and shoulders without hiding your decolletage? Then you probably need a pair of sleeves. Sleeves are ¾ length providing coverage to your upper arms and shoulders but are cut so that your chest and neck are still exposed. Add a little bit a of fantasy to your outfit with the lace bell at the end of the sleeve. Sleeves look great with a tank top and jeans if you’re just going out for lunch or you can add drama to a formal look by adding sleeves to your favorite little black dress. We think they look best with a corset and skirt!

Venus & Mars is a small business located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver, BC. We have been providing quality, handmade, alternative clothing since 1993. Everything Venus & Mars is designed by shop owner, Sanne Lambert, and made in Vancouver. We started out making Goth and Victorian alternative formal wear but over the past decade we have morphed into including pieces for steampunk, cosplay, festival costumes, and LARP gear. Now, we provide awesome people with clothing for weddings, grad, Burning Man, conventions are everyday life. We have also been featured in some film and television. Please visit our About Page for a comprehensive list.

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