White Stretch Sleeves with White Lace



  • Handmade item
  • Material: Cotton, tricot, spandex, stretch velvet
  • Ships from Canada within North America
  • Worldwide Shipping Available on Request


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Do you want your arms covered but all your tops are sleeveless? Got a terrible tattoo on your arm that you regret and now you want to cover up? Then White Stretch Sleeves with White Lacere for you.

White Stretch Sleeves with White Lace made from cotton, tricot or stretch velvet which makes it easy to match with any outfit. They stretch and move with you so that you can look fabulous without compromising mobility. Perfect for an urban superhero like you! The bell of the sleeves is made from lace, satin or other luxurious fabric to create a regal look.. They can be worn over or under any top. We like to wear ours with the Corset of Kickassery or the Queen Anne Corselet. They look extra fabulous when paired with a Circle Square Skirt.

VM Sleeves create drama with any look.  Need to dial the fantasy element up to 11? Add VM Sleeves to make any top look medieval. They are so easy to move and flex in which makes them perfect for LARP.  Set yourself apart at a formal event by adding sleeves to a little black dress. VM Sleeves are so fun to wear that you’ll be giving Vanna White arms all night just to watch the bell flutter from the movement.  Add VM Sleeves to your cosplay in the winter or fall to keep in character and stay warm without wearing a parka. The basic design make sleeves easy to integrate in anyone’s wardrobe.

Like all of the Venus & Mars products, these VM Sleeves are handmade locally in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  They are designed by Sanné in the Venus&Mars shop located in the heart of Gastown.

What are you waiting for? Add VM Sleeves to your cart immediately if you want the ultimate accessory to provide a little warmth and a lot of drama for cosplay, steampunk adventures or just everyday wear.



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