Venus & Mars Resources

“Knowing is half the battle” – G.I. Joe

Sometimes there’s stuff that you just don’t know about. It’s cool, it happens to all of us. This Resources page is here to help you with the stuff we know all about. While we wont be able to tell you where you left your keys, how many cm are in a mile, or why the platypus looks like a cuddly duck, we can answer some frequently asked questions we get asked in the shop. All those answers will be collected in one easy to find place for you to refer back to as many times as you need. As new questions come up, we will do our best to update this page as frequently as possible so that you will always be about to find out what you need to know.

Before we get started though, I suggest reading our About Us page if you are unfamiliar with the shop. Click on the questions below to be linked to a blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I put on a corset by myself?

Who wears this stuff?

Do you do custom?

What is your Return Policy?

Do you have a website?

Steampunk Questions:

What is Steampunk?

How do I dress Steampunk?

I need more Steampunk Ideas.

Costumes/ Cosplay Questions:

What should I be for Halloween?

Any more Halloween suggestions?

What is cosplay?

Festival/ Burning Man Questions:

What do I need for festival season/ Burning Man?

What else do I need?

Are Goggles necessary for Burning Man?

Where else can I find you online?

 Facebook, Instagram and Twitter