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Featured item: Cloaks!


Vancouver is a winter wonderland. The weather outside is frightful so warm up with a handmade cloak from Venus & Mars.

I got married in October.  It was a fantastic wedding and I got to marry my best friend. There was only one problem.  I hated my wedding dress. My family and in-laws pressured me into a traditional bridal gown, which is really not my style at all.

I was feeling really torn up about it. I spent so much money on a dress I didn’t like and it was stressing me out. Then I had an epiphany! The same year I might my husband I had bought a beautiful one of a kind cloak from Venus & Mars. It was green velvet with teal tapestry panels at the front. I tried it on with my wedding dress and it instantly made it 100 times better. I could wear the traditional dress for grandma and make it my style with the cloak!

So basically there’s no problem too big that Venus & Mars can’t solve!

Do you have a cloak? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Do you need a cloak? Click HERE just in case.

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Venus & Mars Clothing Gastown Sears Tower



I’m Sanné Lambert, designer and owner for Venus & Mars Clothing located in the Historical Gastown  District of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This video speaks to how  I’m a better talker than a writer, but I think I’m beginning to get thoughts across on paper  and therefor we can look forward to many more discussions on a variety of topics including goth and steampunk fashion, wearing corsets, making stuff and hurtling off-road in pursuit of wild hot springs.

Sounds good?

OK, then I’ll see you here!


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