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What’s the Difference Between a Corset and a Bustier?

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Hi Friends,

I wrote this pre pandemic and I’ve been holding off sending it out. Just a quick reminder, our Express Window is open Tuesday – Saturday from 1pm-4pm for sales or curbside pick up. AND we are offering free shipping within Canada. DON’T FORGET we’re also having a 50% off sale on our imported items. And now, let’s jump into one of our most frequently asked questions.

What exactly is a corset?

Traditionally, a corset is a tight fitting undergarment that is designed to cinch the waist. They typically have boning throughout the garment and lace up in the front or back. They have been used for fashion and medical purposes and have been worn by both men and women. Under bust corsets or waist cinchers are worn below your bust. Over bust corsets cover your bust. They can be worn in place of a bra or over your bra depending what you’re comfortable with. 

What is a Bustier?

A Bustier is a tight fitting undergarment that is designed to boost the bust. Unlike a corset, bustiers do not lace up. They may or may not have boning. Whereas corsets can be worn as a top or as an undergarment, bustiers are traditionally worn as undergarments and are more comparable to shape wear. They are worn in place of a bra.

What is Boning?

Boning is used to give the corset or bustier shape on your body. The more boning and the closer it is together, the more shape you will get. In Victorian times whale boning (made out of the baleen) was the standard but today steel, and plastic are generally used. Plastic boned corsets are the less expensive and typically what you would find at big box stores. Plastic boned corsets are great for costumes and causal wear however the boning can be prone to kinking. Steel boning is great for people who are really serious about corsetry. They are typically more expensive but give amazing shape. If you are not used to wearing a corset, you may find that steel boned corsets will take some getting used to.

Which one is better?

It’s hard to say which is better as they are used for different purposes. Bustiers are great for under tight fitting tops,wedding gowns, or anytime you want to smooth out your waist while accentuating your boobs. Corsets are great for going out, cosplay/ costuming, drag or anytime you need a really snatched waist. It really comes down to asking, which one is better for specific circumstances.

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Pick Up Window

Hi friends,

Happy May! How is everyone doing? We hope you’re staying safe and staying happy. Everyone on the VM team and their families are all doing well. Let’s get the business out of the way. The store is still closed but our online shop is open 24/7 with free shipping within Canada. We’re making face masks out of all of your favorite fabrics and we’re donating a mask to healthcare workers for every mask sold. We started an affiliate program where you get a code for 15% off to give to your friends and family and for every purchase made with your code, you get $5 in store credit (DM us on Instagram if you’re interested). Phew, now that’s out of the way here’s something new.

We miss your faces and we’ve noticed that a lot of restaurants have pick up windows. It made us think, what if we had a pick up window? Like a lot of restaurants, we’d have to operate on a  limited menu. We’re going to start with having face masks, 3 in 1 tube scarves, veils, bandanas and goggles available. For hygienic reasons, we can’t let you try them on or handle them too much but you would be able to take a look at the product in person and get your mask right away instead of having to wait for it to come in the mail. We will only be accepting debit and credit as payment. The window will be open Monday – Friday from 1:30 – 3:30 to start. We’ll increase hours if the demand is there. We’ll also be available for curbside pickup of online orders if you want your goodies quicker than Canada Post will deliver them.

What do you think of our new plan? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Stay safe. Drink lots of water. We’ll get through this together.

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Tik Tok

Hi Friends,

We hope you’re doing well. We hope you’re all being safe and continuing to take isolation seriously. It’s been difficult but at least it’s sunny out now. 

Okay so hands up, how many of you have downloaded Tik Tok since this whole pandemic started. No really, you can tell us. Devon downloaded it and she’s been addicted to it. It’s a great way to be creative and pass the time when you’re stuck at home. Plus you get to see how other people around the world are coping with these unprecedented times. Although we’re closed, Devon has been going to the store 5 days a week to process online orders, take pictures for the website and do inventory. By the way, if you want to do an order with curbside pick up instead of shipping that can totally be arranged. You can either email us or call the store to set that up. 

But back to Tik Toc. Devon has made a couple of Tik Toks in the store so we made a little compilation for your viewing pleasure in case you’ve already watched everything on Netflix, Prime and Crave. Everything in the video is available for purchase on the website. To save you time, here’s a link to the Face Masks. Everyone wants Face Masks right now (in case you weren’t aware, we’re donating a mask for every mask sold to healthcare workers). Enjoy! 

What are you doing to keep busy right now? Are you learning a new language? Baking bread? Cutting your own hair in frustration? We want to know all about it. And send us your Tik Tok videos, Devon will follow you! Chat with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


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Online Costume Party!

Hi friends,

We just quickly wanted to say thank you for your continued support right now. We’re making new Face Masks all the time to keep up with demand. As you may or may not know we end up with remnants of fabric that are too small for waistcoats or skirts but too big to justify throwing away. This has been a great way for us to give purpose to that fabric and reduce waste. It has also allowed us to extend our charity to healthcare heroes. We are donating a mask for every mask sold and thanks to you, we are in the process of donating 42 masks to Abbotsford Hospital so that healthcare workers have something to wear grocery shopping or to offer to patients therefore saving surgical masks for their intended purpose. Thank you so much for helping us make that possible. You rock!

We’re coming up on a month of practicing self-isolation. Some of you have been at it even longer than that. The cabin fever is setting in. We miss our friends and being able to wear fabulous outfits to fabulous parties but we have to stay strong and keep up the social distancing. Going out now will make everything worse and we’d be putting a lot of people at risk. We could easily overwhelm the healthcare system if there was a spike in COVID-19 cases. Nobody wants that. But still, we really miss dressing up and dancing. If only there was some way of doing that at home…

Oh wait, there is! It’s so important to take guidelines seriously but it’s also incredibly important to do silly things at home so everything doesn’t feel doom and gloom all the time. What we propose is having a costume dance party over Skype or Zoom. Come up with a theme. Make cocktails or mocktails. Play some good dance music and party with your pals.  Here’s some ideas:

  1. Steampunk Party – Research Victorian cocktails and see if you can make them with stuff you have at home. Play some electro-swing. Put on your favorite corset and waistcoat and see if you can party like it’s 1899.
  2. Vampire Party – Dim the lights, light the candles. Play some Bauhaus (if you’re a modern vampire) or maybe some Bach if you’re an Anne Rich vampire. Wear a poet shirt and frock coat and pour yourself some red wine. Be sexy and forlorn. 
  3. Psychedelic Rainbow Party – Wear sparkly leggings and prism goggles. Listen to electronic music.Turn the lights on and off really fast to simulate a strobe light. 

Do you have any other online, social distancing party ideas? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We really appreciate your continued support during this time. Thank you so much for every purchase, follow, share and like. It makes a difference. If you know someone who needs online party ideas please direct them to our website!

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Donating Masks!

Donating Masks

Hi friends,

As you know, we’re still closed. Right now, it’s easy to slip into negative thought patterns and focus on the bad stuff. Everything seems a little bit harder when the world is in chaos. So when good things happen, it’s important to really embrace it and be grateful. You, awesome people, make us so grateful! Thank you for your continued support through the store closure. You’re helping us pay rent and pay our employees without going into debt. It’s hard to stress just how much every online order means to us. THANK YOU!

You seem to love our face masks. They have been flying off the shelves. We’ve got 4 new styles uploaded to the website and several more styles that are coming soon. Stand out at the grocery store with a silver face mask. Safety and style can finally be together as the power couple we deserve. 

Another way of seeing through the negativity in the world is to pay it forward. Your support and love of our masks has been inspiring to us. We want to help health care workers the way you’ve been helping us. We’ve decided to donate one mask for every mask purchased to Abbotsford Hospital. Our masks won’t be a replacement for their surgical masks but they can offer some protection for health care workers and administrative workers in their personal lives. So you can help us and help healthcare workers and help us help healthcare workers so that healthcare workers can help all of us.

We hope you’re doing well right now. It’s a strange and anxious time, take care of yourself. Do what you can to find positivity in your daily life and thank you again for your support. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for outfit inspiration. If you know someone who needs a mask, forward this email to them.


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