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Online Costume Party!

Hi friends,

We just quickly wanted to say thank you for your continued support right now. We’re making new Face Masks all the time to keep up with demand. As you may or may not know we end up with remnants of fabric that are too small for waistcoats or skirts but too big to justify throwing away. This has been a great way for us to give purpose to that fabric and reduce waste. It has also allowed us to extend our charity to healthcare heroes. We are donating a mask for every mask sold and thanks to you, we are in the process of donating 42 masks to Abbotsford Hospital so that healthcare workers have something to wear grocery shopping or to offer to patients therefore saving surgical masks for their intended purpose. Thank you so much for helping us make that possible. You rock!

We’re coming up on a month of practicing self-isolation. Some of you have been at it even longer than that. The cabin fever is setting in. We miss our friends and being able to wear fabulous outfits to fabulous parties but we have to stay strong and keep up the social distancing. Going out now will make everything worse and we’d be putting a lot of people at risk. We could easily overwhelm the healthcare system if there was a spike in COVID-19 cases. Nobody wants that. But still, we really miss dressing up and dancing. If only there was some way of doing that at home…

Oh wait, there is! It’s so important to take guidelines seriously but it’s also incredibly important to do silly things at home so everything doesn’t feel doom and gloom all the time. What we propose is having a costume dance party over Skype or Zoom. Come up with a theme. Make cocktails or mocktails. Play some good dance music and party with your pals.  Here’s some ideas:

  1. Steampunk Party – Research Victorian cocktails and see if you can make them with stuff you have at home. Play some electro-swing. Put on your favorite corset and waistcoat and see if you can party like it’s 1899.
  2. Vampire Party – Dim the lights, light the candles. Play some Bauhaus (if you’re a modern vampire) or maybe some Bach if you’re an Anne Rich vampire. Wear a poet shirt and frock coat and pour yourself some red wine. Be sexy and forlorn. 
  3. Psychedelic Rainbow Party – Wear sparkly leggings and prism goggles. Listen to electronic music.Turn the lights on and off really fast to simulate a strobe light. 

Do you have any other online, social distancing party ideas? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We really appreciate your continued support during this time. Thank you so much for every purchase, follow, share and like. It makes a difference. If you know someone who needs online party ideas please direct them to our website!

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How To Be a Quaranqueen

Face Masks

Hi Friends,

Thank you so much for all your support this week. Your online orders are keeping us going right now. We really appreciate it and we love you so much. Can you guess what our best seller is right now? If you guessed Face Masks, you’re absolutely 100% right. Can you guess what our second best seller is? Poet Shirts. I totally get the Face Masks right now but why the poet shirts? Is there an online poet shirt party we don’t know about? 

As you know, we’ve been closed since March 18th. That’s just less than three weeks or 19 days or 456 hours or 27,360 minutes of being at home. We think we’ve unlocked the secret to being a Quarantine Queen in that time. To be clear, being a Quarantine Queen does not reflect your gender. Men, women, non-binary folk, and fluid folk can be a Quarantine Queen regardless of how they identify.  We’re using ‘Queen’ as a reflection of royalty not gender but if you would like to change it King or Bishop or Duchess that’s totally cool too. Here’s your step by step guide:

Step One:

Take care of yourself. You know what that looks like for you. Maybe it’s about limiting the amount of time you spend on social media. Or it could be about having a really good morning routine. Perhaps, taking care of yourself means exercising and eating well or it could be watching your favorite 80s movies with popcorn. It will look differently for everyone and you know what’s best for you. You’re a Quaranqueen afterall.

Step Two:

Take care of others. The best way you can take care of people you care about right now is to wash your hands, practice social distancing, wearing face masks if you have to go out and stay home if you have any COVID symptoms. If you want to be a little more proactive check in (preferably over the phone) on elderly people. Make sure they have access to groceries, essentials and medication. You may also want to check in on any of your single parent friends. Make sure they have what they need, even if what they need is to talk to another adult.

Step Three:

Take care of your community. This will be different for everyone. It can be as easy as supporting local, small businesses – like us. You have no idea how happy getting an online order makes us right now. It’s like being given a life preserver when you’re drowning. If you have a favorite restaurant, now is the time to get delivery or take out from them. Buying Gift Cards can make a huge difference as well. If you can’t support your favorite small business financially, following and liking their social media can make a huge difference. 

Bonus Step:

Wear crazy outfits. I mean if you don’t take advantage of not having a dress code now then when will you? Check out our What to Wear in Quarantine blog for outfit ideas.

We hope you’re doing well right now. It’s a strange and anxious time, take care of yourself. Become the Quaranqueen, you were born to be! Thank you again for your support. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for outfit inspiration. If you know a fellow Quaranqueen, forward this email or share our website with them.


Venus & Mars

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How To Be Pandemic Chic

Pandemic Chic Face Mask

Hi Friends,

We are still closed. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shopped online this week. Every single order is helping us get through these crazy times and we really appreciate your support. THANK YOU! Free shipping is still available in Canada if you want to support your local Goth/ Steampunk shop. We’ve added bowties, cravats, and suspenders to the website this week so if you want to look dapper, we’ve got you covered. Speaking of looking good, we’ve also added some great stuff to help you look pandemic chic if you have to venture out of isolation.

We know that your outfit is probably not your first thought when you have to go out into the apocalypse but who says you can’t look good while taking care of yourself. We’re not saying you should necessarily go full Resident Evil fashion but a pocket belt can come in handy to carry your hand sanitizer. Goggles can protect your eyes and if you get really weird ones, they have the added bonus of making people keep their distance. Bandanas are machine washable which makes me an eco-friendly thing to cough into. If only we had something cool to cover your nose and mouth…

Good news, we made face masks! They’re washable, reversible and made out of the coolest upcycled fabric. Fashion and function can co-exist. Are they medical grade surgical masks? No. Will they offer you some protection while making you look super cool? Heck, yes. We make the masks out of leftover fabric which means you can get a face mask that matches your favorite skirt or corset or waistcoat. How cool is that?

We’ll be adding more and more inexpensive items to the website as the week progresses so be sure to check things out if you have the chance. If you can’t support us financially but you still want to help, it would be great if you could follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or if you could forward this email or share our website with a friend.


Venus & Mars

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Boxing Day Sale and Holiday Hours

Boxing Day Sale and Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours:

  • Tuesday, December 24 11am – 5pm
  • Wednesday, December 25 CLOSED
  • Thursday, December 26 11am – 7pm
  • Tuesday, December 31 11am – 7pm
  • Wednesday, January 1 CLOSED

It’s less than a week until Christmas! I hope you were good all year and that you made it onto Santa’s nice list. Don’t worry if you were naughty because we’re having a Boxing Day Sale so you can still get everything you wanted! For December 26, 2019 only, all regular priced items will be 20% off in store! You can get yourself something special and show Old St. Nick who is boss. We suggest grabbing something you’ve always wanted but never needed like a velvet cloak or corset.

But wait, what if you don’t live in Vancouver? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to access our awesome sale online as well! December 25 and 26 you can get 20% off all regular priced items by using the discount code BOXINGDAY20.  That means you can shop in your Christmas jammies while sipping on bailey’s and coffee from the comfort of your bed. Sounds like a good day to me.

Venus & Mars is a small business located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver, BC. We have been providing quality, handmade, alternative clothing since 1993. Everything Venus & Mars is designed by shop owner, Sanne Lambert, and made in Vancouver. We started out making Goth and Victorian alternative formal wear but over the past decade we have morphed into including pieces for steampunk, cosplay, festival costumes, and LARP gear. Now, we provide awesome people with clothing for weddings, grad, Burning Man, conventions and everyday life. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out about sales and deals or sign up for our email list below.

East Side Pride 2019

Venus & Mars - Vending at Vancouver Pride 2018

What is East Side Pride?

East Side Pride is a family oriented Pride event. Come enjoy live music, yoga demonstrations, burlesque and drag performances. Check out the goods from local artists and businesses or learn about different organizations and groups who support the Vancouver Pride Society. This is our third year doing East Side Pride and it is quickly becoming one of our favourite events! You would be hard pressed to find a more positive, friendly and welcoming event.

When/ Where is East Side Pride?

East Side Pride will take place at Grandview Park located at Commercial Drive and Charles Street.  It will take place on Saturday, June 22nd from noon to 6pm. There is no admission and this is a family-friendly event. Grandview Park is a short walk from the Commercial-Broadway Skytrain station or you can take a number of buses right to the park. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs to sit on. You can also bring a picnic or get delicious treats from food trucks and local business on the drive!

Should you go?

You should definitely come to check out East Side Pride. Why? First of all, it’s free. Second, it’s easy to get to by public transportation. Third, you can show your support for Vancouver’s LGBTQ community. And finally, it’s a lot of fun! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your kids. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. Come down, have a little picnic and watch some awesome performances. If you need to stretch your legs, come check out the vendors or maybe go for a little walk down commercial to get some gelato. Can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday in June?